Tesla Cybertruck Power Tailgate Patent: The Future of Truck Tailgates

Tesla Cybertruck power tailgate patent: Today on Twitter @SawyerMerritt shared on Twitter that Tesla also filed a patent for Cybertruck Tailgates:

  • The patent was filed on January 20, 2022, and published on June 22, 2023.
  • The patent describes a power tailgate mechanism that can be operated via a smartphone or wireless key fob.
  • The mechanism includes a motor, a crank arm, and a plurality of sockets.
  • The motor is connected to the crank arm, which is in turn connected to the tailgate.
  • The sockets are located on the vehicle and the crank arm.
  • When the user activates the power tailgate mechanism, the motor rotates the crank arm, which opens or closes the tailgate.
  • The patent also describes a method for breaking an ice bridge that may form between the tailgate and the truck bed.

The patent filing does not specify whether the Cybertruck will have a power tailgate as standard or as an option. However, the fact that Tesla has filed a patent for this technology suggests that it is at least considering the possibility.

here are all images of patents, check them out :

A power tailgate would be a convenient feature for Cybertruck owners, as it would allow them to open and close the tailgate without having to get out of the vehicle. This would be especially helpful in cold weather or when the truck is loaded with heavy objects.

It is also possible that the power tailgate could be used to integrate other features into the Cybertruck, such as a built-in ramp or a cargo bed cover. Only time will tell what Tesla ultimately decides to do with this technology.

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