Tesla CyberTruck Price And Specs will change, Elon Musk Said in the shareholders meeting

Tesla CyberTruck Price And Specs will change, Elon Musk Said in the shareholders meeting, on August 4.

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On August 4, Elon Musk confirmed that the Tesla cybertruck price and specification will be different and some changes can be done in the upcoming production model, confirmed musk.

In the Annual Meeting of shareholders at “cyber Roundup” company, Elon musk announced that the tesla electric pickup truck price and spec will be different compared to the previous announcement during the launching of cybertruck on 2019 at Tesla Design Studio in Los Angeles, and production equipment is about to be installed.

On 21 November 2019, Musk also said that Tesla CyberTruck will capture the market by 2021, as deadlines reach musk confirmed that the production of Cybertruck is dropped to 2022.

Musk also added that production of cybertruck will start in late 2022 or maybe start in early 2023 at Gigafactory Texas, also cleared that right now tesla is only focusing on Model Y Production at the factory that’s why cybertruck development is on delay.

In March staring, Tesla confirmed that it has a plan to complete the development of cybertruck this year or by 2022 and will start production in 2023.

As per the automaker, Is also seen that Tesla officially removed that cybertruck price and specification on the tesla website, So this will indicate that Tesla is planning to do some changes in the cybertruck specs as well as pricing also – It is not confirmed that Electric Pickup Truck “CyberTruck” price will increase on not.

You can also visit the tesla cybertruck website, some specs as per the Electrek

Tesla CyberTruck Price And Specs will change
Tesla CyberTruck Price And Specs will change

Yesterday, annual meeting, when someone asked Elon musk about the cybertruck price, he commented that.

on 21 November 2019Cybertruck pricing, it was unveiled in 2019, and the reservation was $99 – and a lot of changed since then. The specs and the pricing will be different. I know it’s a little bit of bad news, but there was no way to anticipate the inflation that happened and various issues, but what I can say is that Cybertruck is going to be one hell of a product. It’s going to be a damn fine machine.
Elon Musk Said

Conclusion: By the end of the meeting Musk highlighted that Cybertruck production will start in mid-2023, he also planning to build Tesla Cybertruck in Gigafactory Texas in Austin.

He also added that:

“We’re going to be installing the production equipment, tooling and all starting in the next couple of months, we’ll begin the installation, so we’re aiming to be in volume production in the middle of next year.”
Elon Musk

As per the Eletrek report, Idra also planning to deliver a new gen Giga press design of electric Cybertruck body.

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