Tesla Cybertruck Seemingly Stuck In The Mud Call A Ford Pickup To Bail It Out: For little groundbreaking of its own get stuck

Today we get from the CarScoops that Tesla Cybertruck get stuck in the mud and needs a Ford Pickup to bail it out the model is not seen in the pic but it is expected to would be F350 it might be F-250.

It is very embarrassing that this incident happened just before the launch of the production version of your revolutionary Tesla Cyertruck.

The official video is captured by Stephanie Ann Fisher and shared posts on Facebook and Twitter on May 8, he also explains the whole scenario in the video, saying Cybertruck is just off the road and approx 10 miles away from the site of the refinery.

As you know recently Tesla celebrate its new groundbreaking lithium battery refinery in Texas around 2 days later, But the brand’s upcoming Cybertruck was caught in doing a little groundbreaking of its own. theses pics clearly show the electric truck is stuck in litter mud.

“In some photos, a group of people can be seen, as she describes, “wandering around as if saying what do we do now?” In others, she shows the ruts created by the Cybertruck, and provides them as evidence that it was really stuck, and not just parked, as some commenters suggested.”

As you saw that Ford F pickup truck is parked back of Cybertruck, the model is not defined but it expects to would be F-250 or F-350 as per automaker news.

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