TESLA Cybertruck-shaped chargers installed in a parking lot in China. (Recently announced : CyberVault)

TESLA Cybertruck-shaped chargers reveal this month on 1st April, in a teaser image tesla showcased a cybertruck -themed EV wall connector called “CyberVault”, this shaped charger is quite similar to Tesla cybertruck design structure.

tesla cybertruck shaped chargers CyberVault

Tesla gradually increases accessories for EVs in the market & become more existing & more unique in the auto industry, tesla made everything from phone chargers to beer, and recently tesla unveil a more awaited product called a wall connector specially designed for Tesla EV.


This wall connector charger was introduced on Weibo social media and posted by china person, this teased image goes popular in China in social media, as one of the coolest / most advanced chargers.

On April 1, tesla confirm that the wall charger will officially be launched with technical specifications after 2 days, as promised it was spied on in the China parking lot, and some people shared on Twitter about the cyberVault.

This CyberVault charger is not a normal charger installed in a garage or private home, it is a combination with a comprehensive turnkey installation service, it also revealed that all technical R&D is done by Tesla’s local partner in terms of money also in CyberValut device itself for more go through this.

With Tesla CyberValut, tesla not only provides a charger but also gives 30-meter-long cables to charge EVs in the garage easily and needs not expand outside because 30m is sufficient for the garage. we also get speculation online that this charger is around 13 kg in weight.

Tesla Car owners can use this Tesla Cybervalut in their garage or at the house, this product is only available in china market, but this will soon to launch in another country also.

Tesla continues to make it clear that China has higher priority, also Tesla continues to expand its market share in Asia. Tesla’s share of the total EV market in China, which includes both battery-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, is at about 10%, compared with 7% over the same span of 2022.

Tesla adds 40 V3 superchargers stations in china mainland in Aug

Tesla announced that it finally added 40 new superchargers stations in china mainland in August to fulfilled growing demand.

Right now, Tesla successfully established 1,300 plus superchargers on the Chinese mainland and facilitated 9,000 superchargers in the country with an aim to supplement the growing demand for stations.

Tesla officially added 40 new superchargers in a country, including 168 individual superchargers for specific tesla electric cars in china mainland.

On Saturday, Tesla china board Teams unveiled data that tesla set up superchargers in 25 cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, and Wuhan.

All these surcharges are equipped with the V3 Superchargers(V3 stations have individual power supplies so that it delivers maximum power to the vehicles), three, six, and nine lineup superchargers.

To date, Tesla has 700+ superchargers in china and facilitates 1,800 charging piles(offers charging for the non-DC electric vehicles batteries also), as per the current data tesla offers superchargers facilities around 380 cities and regions as per the cnevpost.

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For this month tesla plans to add supercharging stations to 31 cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, and Wuhan to supplement the growing demand.

As per last week’s data, those tesla owners will revive delivery of tesla from 16 September to 30 September and will get an 8,000Yuan (1,141.76 USD)subsidy if he/she buy tesla insurance from the tesla store, its subsidy is for the China-made Tesla Model Y and 3 and subsidy is for both model RMB 8,000.

Tesla vehicles’ demands increase drastically in the country and production also increase in the Gigafactory, shanghai tesla decided to reduce the waiting time of its Tesla Model 3 & model y in china, which is listed as low as one week.

Tesla registered 76,965 vehicles in china as per the government release data. Tesla becomes the second best sales in the month of 2022.

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