Tesla deploys a Swimming Pool at Supercharger Station, introduced in Germany

Tesla deploys a Swimming Pool at Supercharger Station, introduced in Germany, at Hilden Town, announces at the annual meeting of shareholders with CEO, ElonMusk.

Tesla deploys a Swimming Pool
Image capture from Yt Vides oF Welt

Tesla has decided in a meeting to install a small swimming pool at the supercharger station in the town of Hiden, Germany, this unique concept brings from Tesla, As we all know that Elonmusk every time comes with a new idea with the aim to help owners by providing the best services to Tesla owners as well as engages owners to shares their experience about the tesla services.


when come to the specs of a Swimming pool, it is a small rectangular swimming pool that provides owners to use the pool for at least 10 minutes duration while their car is getting charged.

This concept is quite similar to the tesla previous experiment, In last week Elon musk deploy new cube lounge at the supercharger station also offers food, tea, an automated coffee system through the electronic machine, interresting thing is that musk deployed a swimming pool at same place Germany Hiden, this beneficial for Hiden users to enjoy both at the same time.

cube lounge
Image capture from YT videos of Welt

It is a partnership signed with BK World, to deploy cube lounge as a “restroom” by musk to provide tesla Owners extra facilities of snakes, food, tea, automated coffee many more… things at the station, you can take part in fun activities at the same place, Hilden while your car has been charging.

As per the recent update, Tesla deploys the first mobile swimming pool in Germany, with the simple aim of engaging tesla owners with some fun activities, offering a restroom, automating the coffee system, and many things that you will experience in the Supercharges.

As per the David Podcast Tesla Welt Podcast with his friend Electrek, shares a video on youtube of the swimming pool being deployed ahead of the launch coming on Thursday.

Tesla Welt Podcast

This news is also revealed at the time of the “Cyber Round” meeting, It is also expected that Tesla will deploy this kind of mobile swimming pool in many cities of Germany to help owners not wait while their car is charging.

Some of my friends join the trial of the swimming pool with some interesting things that I can share with you, as per the instructions, you can use the pool for at least 10 minutes duration, and 4 people can use the pool at the same time interval.

use swimming pool at least 10 minutes
Image capture from yt videos of Welt

Facilities offered by Tesla at the supercharger Station in the Swimming pool – It is a small mobile swimming pool that is movable and portable, built with repurposed shipping container, for fun you also get a black Tesla-branded ball to play with 4 people at pool time, as you see in the below image.

black Tesla-branded ball
Image capture from YT videos of Welt

Time- As per the meeting, the Swimming pool is open from Thursday to Sunday between 2p.m to 7p.m hours of interval.

Germany, Tesla Supercharger station has a wide range of areas which contains 40 supercharges aligned at the station, the line first has a capacity of up to 150Kw for 8 charges and seconds has 250kw plus capacity for 32 charges including swimming pool and foodie facility for owners.

Germany, Tesla Supercharger station has a wide range of areas
Image capture from YT videos of Welt

For Exact Time, if you are a tesla owner you may know that Model y & Model 3 requires a minimum of 25 to 30 minutes to get charged from 20 % to 80% with SOC, with both V2 and V3 supercharged, taking care of that tesla offers owner 10 minutes of pool active while their vehicles have been charging, so keep enjoy once at least if possible.

This Hiden Germany Supercharging station is 564km apart from the Giga factory in Berlin, so right now this is only beneficial for the Germany-users only, it might a possible to deploy a pool at the Berlin station also.

Some People said that the pool concept will not works because they think that the pool causes hygiene issue and is not practical works and some people also said that this is only a temporary pool, to take owners to review and experience.

Some People Enjoy the pool; shares their experience on Twitter.

CyberRound Meeting video:

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