Tesla Utilize “end-to-end Ai” with v12 features in its full self-driving (FSD)| Tesla end-to-end Ai model

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Tesla’s full-self driving suite is totally different from the current buildout when the Tesla rollout is groundbreaking v12 features said Elon Musk on Twitter, this Tesla, utilizes “end-to-end Ai” features in v12.

This week imminent v11.4 version is released for employees, Elon also said the new version will come with “so many major improvements ” which is v12, this v12 features will have new features “end-to-end Ai”, and this strategy drastically differs from the current FSD.

Elon Musk said about the v12 version.

We also learn from Elon that this “end-to-end Ai” model can analyze all steps b/w initial input to final output.

Arguably, v11.4 should be v12.0, as there are so many major improvements. v12 is reserved for when FSD is end-to-end AI, from images into steering, brakes & acceleration out.

How does Tesla’s end-to-end Ai model work?

This is the major change Tesla has done with FSD, This end-to-end Ai uses an artificial neural network with an FSD suite, it helps in learning, analysis, and comparing or it improves with every mile driven, the millions of miles traveled by the owner with FSD can help the system to improve times in terms of behavior.

Tesla end-to-end Ai model

How this v12 works: v12 uses the camera as input & gives an output in the form of a three-dimensional representation of an environment surrounded by a car then it will use Tesla traditional path algorithms to give output like acceleration, braking, steering, and other driving behaviors and so one…

so finally end-to-end Ai model uses a car camera to give input to a neural network and displays the output in steering, acceleration, braking, and other driving outputs.

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This end-to-end Ai model required less effort to build component-based systems, this model makes the process simple and can help Tesla to work on other driving features, this model really optimizes the process at that level.

As you know any model has pros and cons, this model also has minor cons like lack of prediction and different to identify problems.

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