Tesla (Full Self-Driving)FSD Beta 11.4 is now rolling out | Based on the 2023 branch

Today we get from Twitter that Tesla FSD beta 11.4 version is rolled out for Tesla employees, it is based on the 2023 branch, and this version will allow new users to join FSD beta Program.

Many Tesla owners shared their views on FSD 11.4 update, which also tells about some Huge improvements.

First, This Version resolved 64% of all interventions caused by bad routing type.

Second, also improved recall for partial cut-ins by 39% and precision for false positive cut-ins due to lane changes into adjacent lanes by 66%.

FSD Beta 11.4

Official improvement is done in (Full Self-Driving) FSD Beta 11.4

– Improved understanding of when to use bus lanes and when to avoid them, by updating the lane type detection network and improving map-vision fusion.

– Improved speed control during lane changes through better consideration of upcoming navigation deadlines, required back-to-back lane changes, and the presence of a vehicle behind the ego.

– Added a new Vision Speed network to infer the typical driving speed on a given road. This is used to limit the maximum allowed speed in environments such as parking lots and residential roads.

– Mitigated hydroplaning risk by making maximum allowable speed in Autopilot proportional to the severity of the detected road conditions. In extreme cases, Autopilot may use the wetness of the road, tire spray from other vehicles, rain intensity, tire wear estimation, or other risk factors that indicate the vehicle is near the handling limit of the surface to warn the driver and reduce speed.

– Improved long-range path blockage detection and control on city streets. Ego will now be able to perform lane changes due to upcoming path blockages earlier.

– Improved developer productivity with better code diagnostics and C+ +20 features by upgrading the compiler to clang-16. This also improved photon-to-control vehicle response latency by 2%.

FSD Beta 11.4

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