Tesla FSD v12 Rolls Out to Employees With Update 2023.38.10:

Elon Musk recently announced the imminent release of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) v12, and it appears that the update has commenced its internal rollout with version 2023.38.10. FSD v12 aims to remove the “beta” designation, representing a significant advancement in Tesla’s autonomous driving technology.

The internal release coincides with two major Tesla events—the Cybertruck delivery event and the anticipated holiday update, possibly featuring v12. The internal release precedes the public rollout, and while specific improvements in v12 are yet to be detailed, it is expected to bring FSD beta testers up to speed with the latest features, including Predictive Charger Availability and Faster Hazard Lights After a Crash.

Notably, FSD v12 represents a transformative leap, eliminating over 300,000 lines of code governing FSD functions and introducing a reliance on neural networks for steering, acceleration, and braking. Described as an “end-to-end AI” and a “Baby AGI” (Artificial General Intelligence), v12 aims to replicate human-like decision-making capabilities, showcased by a live-streamed drive where the Model S navigated real-world scenarios flawlessly. This signifies a crucial point in Tesla’s AI and autonomous driving journey, highlighting their commitment to aligning AI with nuanced human behavior and moving toward a future where cars are not only self-driving but also intelligent and responsive.

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