Tesla gives new owners in the UK a grabbing stick after forcing them to get left-hand-drive

Tesla gives new owners in the UK a grabbing stick after forcing them to get left-hand-drive(Tesla Model Y Sales, Tesla Stock Price, Volkswagen EV Challenge, EV Charging Infrastructure, Tesla Model 3 Features, Tesla’s Growth Strategy, EV Industry Trends)

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In a surprising turn of events, Tesla has made an unconventional move in the UK automotive market. New Tesla Model S and Model X owners in the UK are now receiving an unexpected accessory with their left-hand-drive vehicles: a grabbing stick, humorously named “The Reacher.” In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this unique situation and explore how Tesla owners are reacting to this unexpected twist.

A Shift in Tesla’s Strategy

Last month, Tesla caught the attention of automotive enthusiasts when they announced the discontinuation of right-hand-drive configurations for their Model S and Model X vehicles. This decision was part of a broader strategy to optimize their production and focus on left-hand-drive markets. As a result, the production of right-hand-drive vehicles was halted, affecting potential buyers in countries like Australia, Singapore, and Thailand.

grabbing stick

The UK Exception

Interestingly, Tesla made an exception for the UK market, which is known for its preference for right-hand-drive vehicles. Instead of discontinuing the Model S and Model X altogether, the company began offering right-hand-drive versions exclusively to British buyers. While this move was welcomed by many, it led to a wave of cancellations and dissatisfaction among customers who had originally ordered left-hand-drive models.

The Reacher: A Unique Solution

To appease customers affected by this sudden shift in strategy, Tesla introduced “The Reacher.” This peculiar accessory is essentially a grabbing stick designed to assist drivers in reaching the passenger-side window easily. While it may sound amusing, it serves a practical purpose by allowing drivers to access items like parking receipts or drive-thru orders without any inconvenience.

The Quirky Side of Tesla

The situation has sparked various reactions from both Tesla enthusiasts and the general public. Some find humor in the irony of being compelled to buy a left-hand-drive vehicle and receiving a grabbing stick as a consolation prize. It’s a testament to Tesla’s knack for innovating not only in their electric vehicles but also in their customer service solutions.

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Tesla’s decision to offer right-hand-drive vehicles in the UK while discontinuing them in other markets has undoubtedly stirred up some unexpected outcomes. “The Reacher,” or the Tesla grabbing stick, may be seen as a quirky response to an unconventional situation, but it also reflects Tesla’s commitment to keeping their customers satisfied in unique ways.


1. Why did Tesla stop offering right-hand-drive vehicles in some markets?

Tesla opted to focus on left-hand-drive markets to streamline production and meet the demand more effectively.

2. What is the purpose of “The Reacher” accessory?

“The Reacher,” also known as the Tesla grabbing stick, is designed to help drivers reach items on the passenger side of the vehicle easily.

3. Can UK customers still purchase left-hand-drive Teslas?

Yes, UK customers can still choose to buy left-hand-drive Model S and Model X vehicles if they prefer.

4. How have Tesla enthusiasts reacted to this change?

Reactions have been mixed, with some finding humor in the situation, while others express frustration over canceled orders.

5. Is “The Reacher” available for purchase separately?

As of now, it appears that “The Reacher” is provided as a complimentary accessory to UK Tesla buyers.

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