Tesla has launched a new contest to design the CyberQuad ATV battery pack in China

Tesla has launched a new contest to design the CyberQuad ATV battery pack in China.

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Tesla revealed its electric cyberquad for kids in 2019, it provides renewable batteries and tech enthusiasts in china, and challenges to design batteries for the electric cyberquad but yet to begin deliveries and will offer prices up to RMB 200,000 which is around $30,460 in USD.

Tesla finally launched its electric Quad for kids with an iconic cybertruck design, the four-wheeler ATV features, and a full steel frame.

As per the cnevpost,”The 2022 World Power Battery Congress, Power Battery Integration and Management Technology Challenge officially launches today,” the Tesla China poster says, adding, “Use your battery design to reimagine the future of mobility.

Tesla China has announced a battery design contest for high anticipate cyberquad electric vehicles – In this contest, Partincipte has 2170 cells as material to design an electric battery system that will be used in CyberQuad EV.

There are many people who are not familiar with this model, In the year 2019, Tesla revealed the cyberquad a Styled all-terrain vehicle (ATV), at the launch of the cyberquad.

Tesla has not started deliveries of its ATV cyberquad, although they reveal a kid version of the model in the last year 2021.

Tesla battery contest in china is a three-month competition that starts from April 25 to May 18 and its initial round is held in Beijing from May 19 to 20 after the remaining event is to be held in Yibin, Sichuan.

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