Wrap off Tesla, Tesla increased Model S and Model X Prices in US by $2.5K

Today we get from @SawyerMerritt that Tesla officially increased the price of the Tesla Model S and Model X in the u.s. Tesla also offering 3 years of unlimited free supercharging with the new Model S and Model X purchased by June 30th.

If you plan to purchase a Tesla Model S or Model X this is a great deal offered by Tesla, this kind of deal is usually seen rarely, so grab it as soon as possible.

Tesla increased Model S and Model X Prices in US

Tesla Model S price raise:

  • Now, Model S AWD: $87,490 (was $84,990; +$2,500)
  • Now, Plaid: $107,490 (was $104,990; +$2,500)

Tesla Model X price raise:

  • Now, Model X: $97,490 (was $94,990; +$2,500)
  • Now, Plaid: $107,490 (was $104,990; +$2,500)

On April 6, this year tesla decrease the price of Model X & Model S but now the company return back with a new price tag but have more facility like free supercharging for 3 years, this is a good facility offered by Tesla for owner because in any EV charging part is essential part, so to keep the user mindset tesla decide to offer supercharger.

But the game behind the Supercharging is that Tesla said those who buy Tesla Model S and Model X between April 20 to June 30 will get unlimited free supercharging for 3 years.

In March also Tesla had dropped the price of Model S & X by $10,000 USD including the Plaid version, but at the time Tesla hiked the price by $2.5K

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