Tesla is already using cobalt-free LFP batteries in almost half of its new cars produced

Tesla is already using cobalt-free LFP batteries in almost half of its new cars produced, as per the official news.

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Tesla confirmed that they are using cobalt-free LFP batteries in its half of electric vehicles over the last quarter.

LFP(Lithium free iron phosphate) batteries or LFP batteries are a type of battery using lithium-ion phosphate as the cathode material, and graphitic carbon electrode with metallic backing as the node.

Tesla tries to prevent production interruption because of the continuous cobalt and nickel supply issue.

Tesla has still produced the lithium-ion battery cell with nickel cathode in the model 3 standard range.

Last year, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk said that LFP batteries also frees up more battery supply of lithium-ion chemistry cells using nickel cathode for Tesla EV.

Last year, he also said that its Q1 production number has jumped from 69.4% to year by year around 310,000 vehicles, this is almost identical to Tesla Model 3, Model Y, With this Tesla confirmed that around 150,000 vehicles had LFP batteries.

As per the Electrek news, “Diversification of battery chemistries is critical for long-term capacity growth, to better optimize our products for their various use cases, and expand our supplier base.”

“This is why nearly half of Tesla vehicles produced in Q1 were equipped with a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery, containing no nickel or cobalt. Currently, LFP batteries are used in most of our standard range of vehicle products, as well as commercial energy storage applications.”

“As a result of our energy-efficient motors, a Model 3 with an LFP battery pack can still achieve a 267-mile EPA range.”

Elon Musk believes that the density of LFP batteries has improved more and it makes sense to use the cheaper, cobalt-free batteries in its lower-end vehicles.

Musk confirmed that half of its Model 3 rear-wheel-drive and Model Y standard Range is using the LFP batteries.

He also said that we do not take this decision due to a shortage of cobalt but we take this decision because they think that LFP batteries are the right thing for us.

About LFP Batteries

LFp batteries are less expensive than other lithium-ion chemistry cell-like NCA, NCM that does not use cobalt, provide high cell life, more secure, fast charging.

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