Tesla is building a new crash Testlabs facility in Texas | Tesla recruiting engineering technicians for new crash test labs

Tesla is building a new crash Testlabs facility in Texas(tesla texas factory jobs ,tesla texas factory location, tesla texas factory update, tesla gigafactory austin opening, tesla gigafactory texas tour, tesla gigafactory texas length)

Tesla planning is to improve car safety by using a new component like crash test labs in Texas.

Tesla is building a new crash test lab in Austin which help in improving vehicle safety and also have a strong community of automaker to guide better.

Overview of Tesla is building a new crash Testlabs facility in Texas

As we learn from Electrek. co Tesla’s new factory is located in Austin, also the equipment used in its current factory, Fermont, California to find the Tesla safety rating is replaced with new components used in Austin.

We also learn from teslarati that Tesla is moving its headquarters, the majority of its executives to Texas several years ago, not all the components moved to Austin, some of them will like Crash Test Lab.

For its new Austin plant, Tesla posted hiring information on LinkedIn, aware peoples that Tesla is hiring for serval positions within the new crash test lab “If you know vehicle instrumentation, test set up, and test execution, I’d love to connect.”

Tesla is building a new crash Testlabs facility in Texas

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Moreover, Tesla is hiring an Engineering Technician for the new crash safety lab as well: “The Passive Safety Crash & Sled Test team is responsible for executing, analyzing, and reporting on crash and sled tests within required program timelines, primarily focusing on vehicle development, regulatory certification, and consumer protection crash testing. Team consists of Test Engineers and Engineering Technicians, specializing in Vehicle & Mechanical, Instrumentation & ATD (Anthropomorphic Test Devices, or crash test dummies), and Imaging.”

In any electric vehicle or a normal vehicle, the safety rating is a big concern for buyer, if the safety rating is decent that help customer to select their dream car.

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