Tesla launches a new automatic electric truck for model 3 that gets power tailgate retrofit in china, video viral.

Tesla launches a new automatic electric truck for model 3 that gets power tailgate retrofit in china.


Tesla launches a new automatic electric truck for model 3 that gets power tailgate retrofit in china, right now this model is only available in China, this model is popular day by day in China with concerns to this tesla decided to expand to other markets.

Before 2021, all tesla automatic had automated truck liftgates aside from mannequin 3, you had to make use of your personal elbow grease energy to open the truck of the mannequin3. I know right? How dare they.


This led to some Tesla owners going for aftermarket third-party products to have an automatic electric truck. however, these products should be installed by the owner or third-party market which is not perfect.

Elon Musk Said

Elon Musk, Said “Tesla electrical tailgate improves service official service, real elements, skilled technician set up. The long-awaited electrical tailgate improvement for outdated automobile homeowners is right here. Your voice, we’re all listening rigorously. What after-sales improve companies do you hope Tesla will make out there? Welcome to depart your suggestion.”

For reference company also provide a video to understand technology.

Product Working

Tesla Model 3 comes with a three-year warranty and with UI display features that are shown below the video. In this video, you will get information on tailgate retrofit working in short- It allows the user to automatically close their tailgate through a button at the back using the tesla app.

credit: Tesla North

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO announced that the automaker was working to have services centers install power liftgates on model 3 for people with disabilities. This was the initial indication that Tesla actually planned to supply the Services.

Now, Tesla is launching its new product offered by its official services center in china and the automaker launches its product in the official Weibo account.

The Product Price

It has approximately price is $628.32 USD in Indian rupes is around Rs.47,170.50 and if you want to order this you need to install the app then order like all other companies. The is a improve a bit more expensive than third-party products but does include installation.

As we discussed above, the product is currently available in China, Tesla company has a plan to launch the first product in China after that they will expand the supply to different countries.


Q: What is the price of the Tesla Model 3?

Ans: The price of the Tesla Model 3 is around $39,940USD which is 29,99,673.73 in Indian Rupees.

Q: How is the Tesla Model 3 Interior?

Ans: It has a well-finuished interior.

Q: Is Tesla Model 3 comfortable?

Ans: Yes, It has comfortable seats.

Q: Should you charge Tesla every night?

Ans: As Tesla company recommendation you should charge your car on regular basis with 90% not cross the limit it will down your battery life.

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