Tesla launches cheaper Model Y in Europe | Cheaper Model Y available in Europe at 54K Euros

Friday, Tesla launches a cheaper Model Y in the Europe market, Analyst Gordan Johnson, in an interview on CNBC.

Tesla launches cheaper Model Y in Europe

Tesla(TSLA) Motors announced to launch of a cheaper version of its Model Y in the European marketplace, this Model Y version is a rear-wheel-drive(RWD) standard range that will be rollout in early 2023.

26 August 2022, as per the online configurators, Tesla plans to launch a new version of its Tesla Model Y at a cheaper price range in the European market.

Tesla Cheaper variant Model Y configuration, it has 455km(283 miles) of the range which is comparatively less than its already available long range model Y 533km(331miles), has a top speed of 217km/h with slower acceleration time 6.9seconds, this model Y required approx 6.9 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h as per the report.

when compare to styling and features, it is expected that the exterior is almost similar but some changes in the features, range, and acceleration time, and in terms of pricing it has a low price of around  €42,000 (starting price) in the European market only.

Tesla confirmed that this Model Y new version will be rolled out from December 2022 to February 2023.

As usually Model Y’s standard long-range price is  €60,185 but Tesla offer  € 50,000 in Netherland which has a €10,000 difference from its standard model, after including VAT tax of approx  8,500, its price will be  €42,000, so this figure indicates that model y is quite a cheaper variant and affordable.

As you know that Tesla Model y is the best-selling car in the united state, as well as china, In the Q1 result also, around 52,051units of Model Y was registered in the United state so, this is a great achievement for Tesla, these criteria tells that Tesla will build 21,000units in weeks and become world largest EV manufacture in upcoming years as musk promise.

As per the automaker estimation, If Tesla sold Model y in the US market, it would be around $20,000 cheaper range compared to the Europe market.

The proof is in the data. The proof is in the numbers. They’re (Tesla) losing share in every single market,” said Gordan Johnson in the interview. “Their car factories have been shut down. Texas and Berlin are barely producing any cars, yet their lead times are falling. Which means, again, right now, that production is ahead of their demand with two full plants barely producing any cars
Gordan Johnson

Factory Details, In the interview musk, does not specify the location, where this new version will develop but as per the automaker, it would be developed at Giga Shanghai.

With concern to this in July Musk commented on Twitter that he won’t launch a cheaper version of its Model Y because it has a slow range with a large acceleration time of 6.5seconds.

Tesla Club Denmark informed on Twitter that Tesla is planning to launch a Model Y-based variant: “The new RWD Model Y, like Long Range and Performance, has the same premium sound system, heated front, and rear seats, tinted glass roof, electrically adjustable front seats, etc. The only compromise is a shorter range and slower acceleration”

Tesla Launches these cheaper variants in countries

As Model Y is the best electric car and is popular in the U.S. market, also achieve milestones of around 52,051units of sales in quarter one earning, after see stats musk launches new base variants of its Tesla Model Y with  42,000 in Europe market.

In 2021, tesla announced to launch Model Y standard range that is also based on an RWD powertrain in North America.

In china also, Tesla confirmed to build model Y standard range, which would be built at Gigafactory Shanghai.



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