Tesla Model 3 Highland Owner’s Manual Reveals Auto Shift out of Park Feature

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In the ever-evolving world of electric vehicles, Tesla continues to push the boundaries of innovation. The latest buzz in the electric vehicle community surrounds the Tesla Model 3 Highland, which has taken a giant leap forward in terms of features and convenience. One of the standout features, recently uncovered in the Highland Owner’s Manual, is the “Auto Shift out of Park” feature. In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve deep into what this feature means for Tesla enthusiasts and why it’s generating so much excitement.

Tesla Model 3 Highland

On X @sawymerritt posted that “Tesla Model 3 Highland owner’s manual confirms Auto Shift out of Park feature. This function allows the new Model 3 to use inputs from its various sensors to select Drive or Reverse automatically.”

The Breakthrough: Auto Shift out of Park

What is Auto Shift out of Park?

Auto Shift out of Park, akin to Tesla’s Autopilot, is a groundbreaking beta feature that comes as a standard inclusion in the latest Model 3 Highland. Unlike its predecessors, the Model S and Model X, this feature is disabled by default but holds immense potential.

How Does it Work?

When enabled, Auto Shift out of Park utilizes data from various sensors strategically placed around the vehicle to automatically select either the “Drive” or “Reverse” mode. What’s more, this mode selection is clearly displayed on the touchscreen interface once the driver’s door is closed, and the seat belt is buckled.

Confirmation at Your Fingertips

Drivers have the final say, with the ability to confirm the selected drive mode directly on the touchscreen. However, should they prefer to take manual control, they can override Auto Shift out of Park simply by pressing the brake pedal and using the touch-based drive mode selector.

The Convenience Factor

A Small Feature with Big Benefits

While Auto Shift out of Park may seem like a small addition, it offers significant convenience to Model 3 owners. Imagine a situation where you’re running late for an appointment or need to make a quick getaway—the time saved by not having to manually shift gears can be a game-changer.

Future Potential

Elon Musk, Tesla’s visionary CEO, has hinted at even grander possibilities for this feature. He has suggested that Tesla vehicles might eventually use their Autopilot cameras to determine the most appropriate drive mode. If this vision becomes a reality, Auto Shift out of Park could be seen as the first step towards a highly ambitious function that revolutionizes the driving experience.

Gear Selection Options

Three Ways to Choose

In the Model 3 Highland, drivers are spoiled for choice when it comes to gear selection. Aside from the touch-based drive mode selector and Auto Shift out of Park, Tesla has retained a manual gear selector. However, there’s a twist.

Overhead Console Placement

Unlike the Model S and Model X, where the manual gear selector is located in the center console, the Model 3 Highland’s manual gear selector is positioned in the overhead console. This unique placement offers a distinctive touch to the driving experience.


The Owner’s Manual provides insight into the manual gear selector’s activation process. It typically remains inactive unless the driver presses one of the designated buttons. When activated, the P, R, N, and D buttons illuminate, making it clear that manual gear selection is now an option. This feature proves especially useful when the touchscreen is unavailable or when the vehicle is in Valet or Transport Mode.

Additional Activation Method

Surprisingly, even when the touch-based gear selector is available, there’s another way to activate the overhead console gear selector. Tesla advises drivers to simultaneously press both scroll wheels briefly. However, it’s essential to avoid holding the scroll wheels while pressing them, as this could result in the drive mode selector activating and the touchscreen restarting.


The Tesla Model 3 Highland has undoubtedly made waves in the electric vehicle world, and the Auto Shift out of Park feature is a testament to Tesla’s commitment to innovation and convenience. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, it’s clear that Tesla is at the forefront, continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. This feature, while seemingly small, has the potential to reshape how we interact with our vehicles, offering a glimpse into the future of driving technology.

In summary, Auto Shift out of Park is a remarkable addition to the Model 3 Highland, making driving even more effortless and enjoyable. As Tesla continues to refine and expand its offerings, it’s evident that their commitment to delivering cutting-edge features remains unwavering.

With the Model 3 Highland leading the charge, Tesla is poised to remain a pioneer in the electric vehicle industry, setting new standards and exciting its ever-growing community of enthusiasts.

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