Tesla Model S/X: Save $12,000 on a Supercharged Future!

Tesla has started applying MASSIVE discounts on inventory Model S/X $7500 off! 3 Years of Unlimited Free Supercharging, and when using a referral code like you’ll get 3 months of FREE FSD Beta plus $1K off!

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Tesla is currently offering massive discounts on inventory Model S/X vehicles. The discounts include:

  • $7,500 off the purchase price
  • 3 years of unlimited free Supercharging
  • 3 months of free FSD Beta
  • $1,000 off with a referral code

The discounts are available on all inventory Model S/X vehicles, including the Long Range, Plaid, and Plaid+ models. The discounts are valid for new orders only and cannot be applied to used vehicles or vehicles that have already been purchased.

The discounts are being offered in response to declining demand for the Model S/X. Tesla has been having trouble selling these vehicles, as they are relatively expensive and have been surpassed in performance by newer models like the Model 3 and Model Y. The discounts are an attempt to boost sales of the Model S/X and clear out inventory.

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