Tesla new patent could completely revolutionize vehicle interiors

Tesla new patent could completely revolutionize vehicle interiors

Tesla, recognized for its pioneering technology in the automotive sector, has recently filed a patent application for an innovative concept. Interestingly, a similar technology is poised for release by Lexus, drawing a parallel between the two developments.

Tesla’s new patent

As reported by Electrek, Tesla’s patent filing focuses on an original steer-by-wire system. Unlike traditional steering mechanisms that involve physical connections between the steering wheel inside the cabin and the wheels on the road, this system operates exclusively through electronic connections.

The steer-by-wire technology eliminates the necessity for conventional mechanical linkages, relying solely on electronic pathways that establish a connection between the steering wheel and the physical wheels. Tesla has been hinting at the development of such a system for several years.

One notable advantage of the steer-by-wire technology is its potential to accommodate a U-shaped yoke steering wheel, a departure from the typical circular wheel design. This unique design not only optimizes cabin space for diverse layouts and aesthetics but also aligns with Tesla’s futuristic brand image, a consistent and significant aspect of Tesla’s identity.

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