Tesla now expects Gigafactory Shanghai Shutdown until at least friday

Tesla now expects Gigafactory Shanghai Shutdown until at least Friday.

On Wednesday, Tesla, NASDAQ shares fowling down due to citywide lockdown covid-19 surge.

Tesla Also expects that It is difficult to restart its Chine-based EV factory at GigaFactory Shanghai until friday.

This Indicates that Tesla is facing a problem to restart production of its electric vehicle due to covid crisis.

Tesla said that it now doesn’t expect to reopen its production of electric vehicles at the Gigafactory Shanghai until at least Friday and it may be difficult to restart production due to a citywide lockdown that is extending longer than planned According to Electrek.

The Carmaker expected that its production was restarted on Monday but due to the covid crisis it could not able to start again.

It will be a 12days completed shutdown at Gigafactory and there no operation performed by tesla workers during this lockdown.

As per the Tesla Report, they produced more than 2,000 electric vehicles per day at Gigafactory which indicates they will get a loss of around 24,000 EVs by the end of this week.

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