Tesla Patents New Windshield Wipers for Semi Truck

The Tesla patent filing for a Semi truck windshield wiper system describes a new design that is intended to reduce drag and wind noise. Conventional windshield wiper systems use a pantograph or 4-bar link mechanism to move the wiper arm and blade across the windshield. These mechanisms are large and bulky, and they can create a lot of drag and wind noise.

Today @sawyerMeritt shared on Twitter that Tesla filed a patent for a semi-truck windshield wiper system.

The Tesla patent filing describes a new system that uses a slider-crank mechanism to move the wiper arm and blade. This mechanism is smaller and more compact than a pantograph or 4-bar link mechanism, and it is also less likely to create drag and wind noise.

The Tesla patent filing also describes a new way to vary the angle of attack of the wiper blade against the windshield. This can help to improve the cleaning performance of the wiper system, especially in heavy rain or snow.

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The Tesla patent filing is still pending, so it is not yet clear if or when this new windshield wiper system will be used in the Tesla Semi truck. However, the patent filing suggests that Tesla is committed to developing new windshield wiper systems that are more aerodynamic and efficient.

Here are some additional details about the drawbacks of conventional windshield wiper systems:

  • They can create a lot of drag, which can reduce fuel efficiency.
  • They can create wind noise, which can be distracting and annoying for the driver.
  • They can be large and bulky, which can take up space and make it difficult to clean the windshield.

The Tesla patent filing suggests that the new windshield wiper system could address all of these drawbacks. If the system is successful, it could be a major improvement over conventional windshield wiper systems.

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