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Tesla Plan to open a new 30000 sqft in Burnaby city, British Columbia service center

Tesla Plan to open a new 30000 sqft in Burnaby city, British Columbia service center.

Pic credit to Ti studio

In 2021, Tesla announced the proposal to build or redevelop a large center at 2505 Eastbrook Parkway in Burnaby city, British Columbia which would be the tesla’s new Service and delivery center.

With concern to this, finally, Tesla has unveiled the location of its new service center in Burnaby, and renovation starts on the service center in a 30,000 sqft of area.

as per the report of driveteslacanada:

“Obtained by Drive Tesla contributor Marco (@MarcoRPTesla), the plans show Tesla will have to fix the cracking concrete slab, fix cracking exterior walls, and possibly install structural bracing at various points in the building.”

The development work in the service center is almost complete, now work began on overhauling by adding a showroom to display 3vehicle, offices, a lounge, and an employee restroom, also service area is ongoing which contains 10 vehicle lifts and 14 services stalls.

Pic credit to Ti studio

On August 31, 2021, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk announced that we had planned to open a new service center in New Orleans, Tesla didn’t confirm how many service centers, they are plns to set up and also didn’t specify the location also.

As per the Electrek report, Tesla has around 466 service centers worldwide according to the last year’s report 2021.

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