Tesla recalls 947 U.S. electric cars due to rearview image display issues

Tesla recalls 947 U.S. electric cars due to rearview image display issues in some Tesla models report confirmed by NHTSA.

Tesla has recalled 947 electric cars of models – Model S, Model X, and 2017-2020 Model 3 which is equipped with an Autopilot computer system and the automaker is to rectify the issue of a rearview image.

According to the NHTSA(National Highway Traffic safety Administer), the U.S. confirmed that Tesla has started recalling its electric cars models.

Tesla, the reason behind recalling the EV is that “image display problem” means when a person wants to take reverse the car rearview image is not appearing to this reason started recalls thousands of electric cars to fix the issue.

NHTSA said on the delay in rearview image reduces the driver rearview and increases the risk for the users with concern to this Tesla confirmed that to resolve this issue we will perform an over-the-air update to solve the issue.

Tesla told NHTSA, “On March 11, 2022, having confirmed the root cause and having completed a compliance assessment, and despite not finding a noncompliance in the tests that Tesla conducted, a recall determination was made out of an abundance of caution to recognize the potential presence of a noncompliance in affected vehicles, as first identified in consumer complaints,”

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