21 Electric Tesla Semi Truck to be used by PepsiCo at Sacramento plant | PepsiCo was the 1st to acquire Tesla Semi

21 Tesla Semi Truck to be used by Pepsico company at its bottling plant in Sacramento & Modesto, California, PeopsiCo become the first company which acquires zero-emission vehicles.

Tesla Semi Truck

CARB government plan to acquire all-new truck purchase to be electric by 2045, despite knowing that Tesla semi-electric truck is twice the cost of heavily polluting diesel truck which is used in California nowadays, to reduce the massive amount of pollution caused by heavy truck CARB government encourage peoples to acquire as possible as EV instead to ICE vehicles.

On Tuesday Company clearly announces that 21 semi trucks will be used at Sacramento, a blotting plant that will be used for local deliveries, and another 15 Tesla semi trucks will use in its Frito-Lay manufacturing plant located in Modesto.

The initial cost of a Tesla semi-truck was paid by state and federal grants & also said Sacramento Air Quality Management District paid for 18 of the 21 Tesla semi-truck that will be used at the Sacramento bottling plant for that it had provided $4.5 million in grants, said, Executive director, of PepsiCo Alberto Ayala, mention at @tslachan.

Pepsico’s director also revealed that it received $15 million in state and local grants for vehicles, charging infrastructure across both locations, as well as $40,000 per vehicle from the Federal government. this huge figure clearly shows that the California government is very serious about EV missions, also this figure gives deep insights that Pepsico takes a broad shift towards sustainable EVs.

In the end, Pepsico’s director also said, Pepsico ordered 100 Tesla semi-truck from Elon Musk, along with it installed four 750KW Tesla chargers at each Sacramento and Modesto plant, this charger will reduce charger time & offer efficient delivery.

You won’t believe that Pepsico is the only company that acquired the first Tesla semi-truck in California, It come to be the first company to acquire these zero-emission & eco-friendly vehicles.

In backed December 2017, PepsiCo was the only company that orders the first Tesla Semi truck which was manufactured at the Tesla Giga Nevada factory, this is the same factory where the Tesla Cybertruck production will start.

Overall, Pepsico ordered 21 Tesla semi trucks for the bottling plant in Sacramento & 15 Tesla semi trucks will use in its Frito-Lay manufacturing plant located in Modesto, Intotal company received 36 trucks.

There are Key things to know about Tesla Semi Truck, this detail will give insight into how semi is best chosen compared to ICE.

  • Mile Range Approximately 300 or 500 miles
  • 0-60 mph 20 seconds
  • Speed Up a 5% Grade Highway speed limit
  • Powertrain 3 independent motors on rear axles
  • Energy Consumption Less than 2 kWh per mile
  • Fast Charging Up to 70% of range in 30 minutes
  • Fuel Savings (est.) Up to $200,000 over 3 years
  • Fully Loaded at 82k lbs Gross Combination Weight
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