Tesla shares again with the highest short sales – CEO Musk is “super mean” to Bill Gates

Tesla shares again with the highest short sales – CEO Musk is “super mean” to Bill Gates

Tesla, the electric vehicle giant, has held the unenviable top position as the most shorted stock for three consecutive months, according to data from Hazeltree, an analytics company. Short sellers, who bet on stock price declines, have intensified their efforts, aiming to profit from Tesla’s perceived vulnerabilities. This has drawn the ire of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who has been quite vocal about his disdain for short sellers and, reportedly, his simmering feud with Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

📊 Tesla’s Short Interest: Data from Hazeltree revealed that Tesla had the highest short volume among 12,000 large-cap stocks worldwide in August. This trend reportedly extended to June and July as well. Other stocks in the short-sellers’ crosshairs include Charter Communications and Apple.

💰 Bill Gates’ Short Bet: Microsoft founder Bill Gates has reportedly been betting heavily against Tesla’s success. Musk claimed that Gates had confirmed this to him. Gates initially invested $500 million, which has now grown to $1.5-2 billion due to Tesla’s soaring stock price.

😡 Musk’s Displeasure: Elon Musk has not minced words about his displeasure with Bill Gates. He has been described as “super mean” to Gates, which Musk attributes to Gates’ dual role of seeking donations for charitable causes while simultaneously profiting from falling Tesla stock prices.

🗣️ Musk’s Accusations: In Walter Isaacson’s biography of Musk, the Tesla CEO called Gates “categorically insane” and “an asshole through and through.” Musk accused Gates of hypocrisy for seeking money for charitable projects while betting against Tesla’s success.

💼 Musk’s Critique of Short Selling: Musk has criticized the practice of short selling for its potential to depress stock prices, negatively impacting regular investors. He also mentioned that Gates had made a substantial bet in the past predicting Tesla’s downfall.

🤝 Conclusion: The feud between Elon Musk and Bill Gates appears to persist, fueled by Gates’ significant short bet against Tesla. Musk’s strong criticism of short selling reflects his frustration with those who profit from his company’s potential setbacks. As long as Gates maintains his bet against Tesla, it seems the animosity between these two billionaires will continue to make headlines. 📰🔥


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