Tesla Shocks the World with Unbelievable New Trims for Electric Vehicles! You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, is consistently exploring various strategies to promote the electric vehicles manufactured by his leading-edge company.

New Trims for Electric Vehicles

The Austin-based automaker is actively working towards its goal of delivering 1.8 million vehicles in 2023, following the successful delivery of approximately 889,000 electric vehicles in the first half of the year. Building upon the momentum from 2021, during which they delivered 1.31 million vehicles and achieved a remarkable 40% growth compared to the previous year, the company is determined to either maintain or exceed their ambitious target. Achieving this goal might necessitate a slight acceleration in the company’s sales pace.

In April, Musk unveiled Tesla’s Master Plan 3, outlining the development of three new vehicle models. While one model appears to be a compact car, the others are speculated to be a van and a bus. Although the compact car is yet to be named, it seems to come with a significantly lower price point than Tesla’s most affordable vehicle, the Model 3 sedan.

Tesla Implements Price Cuts on Models
Elon Musk initiated a sales-boosting strategy by reducing vehicle prices in China in October 2022. Throughout this year, Tesla has consistently lowered the prices of several vehicle models. The starting price of the Model 3 was approximately $46,990 at the beginning of the year, which was subsequently reduced to $43,990. Currently, the vehicle’s price stands as low as $32,740 after accounting for the federal tax credit, as highlighted on Tesla’s official website.

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