Tesla started rolling out FSD Beta 10.13, which Is about left turns, animal detection, Speed Limits and much more

Tesla Started rolling out Full self-driving (FSD) Beta 10.13 to customers. A good part of update release notes has also been shared online.

FSD Beta 10.13

A tesla Ai director and Autopilot Vision,  Andrej Karpathy announced in a departure from the company last week, that Tesla Ceo Elon Musk and Tesla vocal members of the Tesla community also talking about the FSD beta 10.13 on Twitter, as per that musk remarked that FSD 10.13 will able to handle left turns, animal detection, speed limit and many more, you will get all these features as updates come.

Musk also reveals that the “current 10. X updates FSD beta 10.13 already Mostly at V11” in terms of their capabilities, they are expected to released FSD beta v11 next month. As per the TeslaRati.

As we all saw that Tesla continuously rolls out its beta updates every two weeks that is to give customers a better experience while driving cars in Autopilot modes.

On 18 July, On Reddit: Tesla Motors releases notes of FSD Beta V10.13 that will describe some features that Tesla has been working on.

Here are the notes of FSD Beta 10.13 which will show upcoming improvement in the FSD.

  • Improved decision-making for unprotected left turns using better estimation of ego’s interaction with other objects through the maneuver.
  • Improved stopping pose while yielding for crossing objects at “Chuck Cook style” unprotected left turns by utilizing the median safety regions.
  • Made speed profile more comfortable when creeping for visibility, to allow for smoother stops when protecting for potentially occluded objects.
  • Enabled creeping for visibility at any intersection where objects might cross ego’s path, regardless of the presence of traffic controls.
  • Improved lane position error by 5% and lane recall by 12%…
  • Improved lane position error of crossing and merging lanes by 22% by adding long-range skip connections and a more powerful trunk to the network architecture.
  • Improved pedestrian and bicyclist velocity error by 17%, especially when the ego is making a turn, by improving the onboard trajectory estimation used as input to the neural network.
  • Improved animal detection recall by 34% and decreased false positives by 8% by doubling the size of the auto-labeled training set.
  • Improved detection recall of far away crossing vehicles by 4% by tuning the loss function used during training and improving label quality.
  • Improved the “is parked” attribute for vehicles by 5% by adding 20% more examples to the training set.
  • Upgraded the occupancy network to detect dynamic objects and improved performance by adding a video module, tuning the loss function, and adding 37k new clips to the training set.
  • Reduced false slowdowns around crosswalks by better classification of pedestrians and bicyclists as not intending to interact with ego.
  • Reduced false lane changes for cones or blockages by preferring gentle offsetting in-lane where appropriate.
  • Improved in-lane positioning on wide residential roads.
  • Improved object future path prediction in scenarios with a high yaw rate.
  • Improved speed limit sign accuracy on digital speed limits by 29%, on signs with difficult relevance by 23%, on 3-digit speeds by 39%, and on speed limit end signs by 62%. The neural network was trained with 84% more examples in the training set and with architectural changes which allocated more computing in the network head.

Tesla Community members also talk about the rollout of FSD beta 10.13 on Twitter:

Elon Musk also talks about the FSD beta 101.13 should be able to handle Chuck’s complex left turn
Watch this video, that will help to understand better (Video Credit: Chuck Cook)

“Beta v11 hopefully end of next month, which just amounts to incorporating highway. The importance of “v11” has been reduced by all 10. x releases. We’re already mostly at v11.

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