Tesla Teams Up with Hilton and Honda for Charging

Tesla Teams Up with Hilton and Honda for Charging

Tesla is making it easier for electric car owners to charge their vehicles. Here’s how they’re doing it in simpler terms:

Tesla Teams Up with Hilton

Hilton Hotels: Starting in 2024, Hilton, the hotel company, will install 20,000 charging plugs for Tesla cars at 2,000 of its hotels in the US, Canada, and Mexico. This is a big deal because it will make Hilton the hotel company with the most charging spots for electric cars. Hilton noticed that lots of people traveling want to charge their electric cars while staying at hotels, so they’re adding these plugs.

Honda Cars: Honda, the car company, plans to make its new electric cars work with Tesla’s charging network starting in 2025. That means people who buy Honda’s electric cars can use Tesla’s charging stations. Honda will also offer an adapter for its older electric cars so they can use Tesla’s stations too, but not until 2025. Other car companies like GM and Ford will start using Tesla’s charging network even sooner.

This news is a bit of a challenge for other charging companies like ChargePoint and Blink, which are trying to stay open to all kinds of electric cars but are now adding Tesla’s plugs to their stations.

Running charging stations can be expensive, especially when not many people are using electric cars yet. ChargePoint, for example, had some financial troubles recently because of these costs, but they hope to make money by 2023.

This all shows that charging electric cars is becoming a big deal, and more places are trying to make it easier for electric car owners to power up their vehicles.

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