Tesla Unveils New Features in Stealth Update Said Green | 2023.11.4.2 software updates

Today Tesla Unveils New Features in Stealth Update these updates are necessary to improve customer experience, the release note is the same as previous but some exciting features are added.

2023.11.4.2 software updates

As you know that Tesla has started pushing its 2023.11.4.2 software updates.

Every time tesla added or updated features without discussing them, from that two new updates comes.

According to Green, a famous Tesla Hacker who often discovers new features inside code, from that it finds a new stealth update.

He found two major updates in the latest version of FSD: here is that

So despite 11.4.2 release notes not changing from .1, the differences underneath are substantial
There’s now auto wiper v4 with the ability to disable “deep rain” (I guess that did not pan out all that well)
There’s AEB for cut-in traffic (server-side toggle)
And a bunch of more stuff— green (@greentheonly) May 27, 2023

As you know premium carmakers and Tesla have a system called the “Automatic Wiper system” that automatically matches the speed of the wiper to the intensity of the rain or snow.

But like other automakers, Tesla does not use automatic rain sensors in order to measure Rain speed.

Instead of that, Tesla uses autopilot cameras to feed its computer vision neural network to find out the speed of wipers.

This feature was released by Tesla in 2018 but these features have many cons thatswhy Owners have complained to Tesla that it is not accurate as a rain sensor.

To overcome this issue Tesla introduces “Deep Rain ” which uses a New neural network to power the features, this update was introduced in 2019 but it is not a marginal development phase. 

As the Green report suggests, an owner can shut down it if they don’t like it. this totally depends on you if you want to shut down or not.

Another existing update was about the safety features, the new software version has the ability to Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) to brake vehicles cutting into your lane, Previously, AEB could only be used to prevent or reduce the impact of a collision with an object that was already in your path. Now, it can also be used to stop cars that suddenly cut in front of you. This is a major safety improvement, as it can help to prevent accidents caused by lane changes.

“For FSD Beta users, the update also now reduces suspensions, which occur after misuse, like not paying attention to the road when using, to one week instead to two weeks.”

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