Tesla VPP(Virtual Power Plant ) in California now has the ability to push ~100MWH to the Grid

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Today we get from @SawyerMerritt that Tesla Virtual Power Plant in California has the ability to push ~100MWH to the grid in a single event conducted on April 27.

Tesla VPP

In this 6,691 people with ~7,400 Tesla Powerwall are now in the program, this detail was tracked by LastBulb which clearly shows that in the first event, Tesla VPP reached 50MW held in California.

We also see that Tesla putting a lot of effort to make VPP more effective.

VPP is a combination of distributed energy storage systems this is quite similar to the Tesla PowerWalls “used in concert to provide grid services and avoid the use of polluting and expensive peaker power plants.”

The first event was scheduled in June in California where Tesla and PG&E both introduced the VPP pilot program & it got succeeded.

Gradually Tesla expand it over time last we get from electrek Tesla set up VPP in Southern California Edison, finally Tesla got succeded.

Last year data

For more VPP tracking visit

Todays Data

The growth of the VPP plant doubled last year we saw VPP reach 3,500 homes with 50MW, but now it reached 6,691 ~7,400 Tesla Powerwall.

For more detail: Tesla VPP

The electricity needs and capacity amid heat waves will increase the demand for the solution & VPP replace the existing peaker plant.

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