Tesla wins permit approval for Diner and Drive-in Movie Supercharger in Los Angeles

Big news from the world of electric cars and entertainment! On August 24, 2023, Tesla has officially been given the green light for its incredible Diner and Drive-In Movie Supercharger right in the heart of Los Angeles. 🌟🎉

According to exclusive documents seen by Teslarati from the LA Department of Building and Safety, Tesla’s dream of combining a drive-in movie theater with a diner at their Supercharger station is becoming a reality. Imagine pulling up to charge your Tesla while enjoying a delicious meal or catching snippets of your favorite movies on not one, but two big screens! 🍔🍿🎥

Tesla wins permit approval for Diner

This visionary project was initially set to take shape across various lots in Santa Monica, but guess what? The plans have shifted to the iconic streets of Hollywood! The new address for this remarkable site will be 7001 W. Santa Monica Boulevard. 🌆

Throughout the journey of bringing this imaginative idea to life, Tesla has navigated the regulatory process with dedication. They’ve worked hard to ensure every detail is just right, from the architecture to the construction plans. In late July, Tesla received the official thumbs-up for grading the land, constructing walls, and setting up those enticing movie screens. It’s like a real-life movie plot coming together! 🏗️🎬

Can you feel the excitement? The anticipation has been building for years as Tesla tantalized us with the concept of a diner and drive-in movie experience right at their Supercharger station. The project boasts not only 32 Supercharger stalls but also a restaurant with a variety of delicious options and even rooftop seating. And let’s not forget those iconic movie screens that’ll make your charging time truly entertaining! 🍔🚗🍿

Tesla’s Supercharger Network has been a game-changer, spanning the globe and making electric vehicle charging more convenient than ever. And now, they’re taking it up a notch by offering an unforgettable experience while your car powers up. It’s innovation meets entertainment, and we’re loving it! 🌍🔌🎭

As we eagerly wait for this unique spot to open its doors (or should we say charging stations?), let’s tip our hats to Tesla for pushing the boundaries and giving us a glimpse of the future where driving, dining, and movie-watching merge seamlessly. 🙌🎆

Stay charged, stay entertained, and get ready for an electrifying experience like no other! ⚡🍔🎬🚗

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