Tesla’s FSD v12 for the first time will use an “end-to-end” neural network approach to autonomous driving

Tesla’s FSD v12 for the first time will use an “end-to-end” neural network approach to autonomous driving.

Tesla’s new FSD (Full Self-Driving) version 12 is a major shift in how it makes cars drive themselves. Instead of using different parts to do specific jobs, it now uses one smart system that works more like our brains.

on X @davelee posted that Tesla’s FSD v12 for the first time will use an “end-to-end” neural network.

Imagine you’re driving a car. With FSD v11, it’s like having different people in the car doing separate tasks like spotting things on the road, planning the route, and steering. Each person needs to learn their job very well and have lots of information to do it right.

But with FSD v12, it’s like having one super-smart driver who can do all these tasks by just looking at the road. They don’t need special training for every new situation because they learn from what they’ve seen before. This makes FSD safer and better at handling tricky situations.

Here’s why FSD v12 is a big deal:

  1. Adapting to New Places: It can drive in new places without needing to learn everything from scratch. Like driving in a different city or country with different roads and signs.
  2. Handling Unusual Situations: Even if it sees something strange on the road, like a big accident or a weird object, it can still drive safely because it understands how things generally work.
  3. Dealing with Different Traffic: It can handle traffic situations it hasn’t seen before, like parades or emergencies, and choose the best route.
  4. Understanding People: It’s better at predicting what people might do, even when they act unexpectedly, like pedestrians or other drivers.
  5. Weather Changes: It’s good at driving in different weather conditions, like snow or rain, without needing special training.
  6. Faster Updates: Tesla can make the system better and safer faster, and it can work in new places or follow new rules more easily.
  7. Adding New Sensors: If Tesla adds more sensors to the car, the system can use them without needing a lot of new training.

In short, FSD v12 is a big step forward in self-driving cars. It’s like having a super-smart driver who can handle all kinds of situations without needing tons of special training. This could change how we travel in the future.

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