Test drive your favorite Evs at National Drive Week started today and till October 2

Test drive your favorite Evs at National Drive Week starting today and till October 2, the goal of the events is to check which EVs are right for you? and help EV buyers to select their dream cars for its family.

Test drive your favorite Evs at National Drive Week started today and till October 2

Now, National drive week is live from today and till October 2 this will be valid for the next two weekends, this is a great opportunity for EV buyers to explore EVs online & offline with experts and EV owners that will guide you to select the dream cars for your family.

today, around 300 peoples join the meetup online and in-people events and celebrate EV week in various countries like Canada, the US, and Mexico.

You can attend the events in one of the 100 locations that are suitable for you.

This event was started later in 2011, it is a “National drive week event” its goal is to spread awareness about all-electric vehicles and all hybrid vehicles and encourage people to acquire Electric vehicles instead of IC vehicles.

Plug In America shares on YT

This event is hosted by plug-in America, the Electric Auto Association. EV hybrid Noire and Sierra club, this considered as 12th edition, organized by the companies, the 1st edition was started in the U.S. As “National Drive week “but after a couple of years hosted in many countries like Canada, the US, and Mexico offline as well as virtual online.

The main criteria of companies are to give an attendance chance to buyers to explore EVs before purchasing them and getting experience through its associated owners and ask whatever question you have in your mind like “should ev will suitable for long term or not?” and “Why should I buy ev instead of ICE Available in the market at an affordable price?


At the events peoples also discuss local EV issues like in Hawaii. Michigan, Rode island.

So, this is basically a customer peer-to-peer meetup as well as experts also.

In the next two weekend, you have a chance to join the EV advocate, parades & festivals to explore all thing you wants to know about electric transpositions.

Drive electric week also shares listed events that will be conducted in the various countries located on the map, you can go through the official reference here.

  • You can register yourself here

for the last two week events was hosted online due to the covid-19 crisis in 2020, but in 2021 government released guidance, and events were organized offline after that all events will be conducted outside.

National Drive Week started today and till October 2

Events: there will be some events organized this year on topics like charging, V2X, V2G, the upcoming Ev lineup, and solar EV charging stations, and some general discussions will be organized in the next month.

Here is the list of events to organize in the countries, go through this.

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