This month dedicate to Tesla Cybertruck, 6+ new we get from Tesla

This month dedicate to Tesla Cybertruck, 6+ new we get from Tesla, as you know Cybertruck is the core product of Tesla, famous for its durability, and eye-catching look also it is totally different from an existing pickup truck, the Cybertruck uses sharp corner with more aerodynamic than the other trucks.

Today we discuss 6 news of tesla Cybertruck that we get this month, here is a clue of Cybertruck.


The first news we get from  Joe Tegrmeyer, who continues to follow the Tesla Cybertruck eager to post every piece of the new truck on Twitter, So, all thanks to Joe for producing the latest news.

he shared an image of the front casting of a Cybertruck spotted at Giga Texas, showing all Cybertruck components used to build a Cybertruck frame, this image indicates how close truck mass production is.


The second news we get from Tesla is that Tesla Makes a Bold Statement at the Shareholder Meeting.

In a shareholder meeting, Tesla Cybertruck’s second public appearance showed at its Giga Texas factory.

The official video was posted by Cybertruck Owner Club in its Club forum today earlier after that this videoes goes viral on Twitter getting thousands of likes in a short period of time.

In this video, Tesla Cybertruck is moving inside the Giga Texas plant and then lifted by crane to the top of the display platform.

nonplussed, is that neither Elon Musk nor Tesla has commented on its Cybertruck video, also in the previous Cybertruck update no response has come from Elon Musk as well as Tesla.

As you saw in the video The Cybertruck was lifted on cranes to the top, some people said Truck is This was part of Shareholder Day decoration. also but others believe it may be the first model to come off Tesla’s pre-production line.


Third news we get from Joe Tegrmeyer, about the missing components.

Tesla Cybertruck Production Nears, as Missing Component of Stamping Machine is delivered

Tesla Cybertruck production nears, and the installation of equipment for the cyber truck is ongoing, an important component of the stamping machine is delivered.

we get an update about Tesla Cybertruck, on Twitter Joe Tegtmeyer shared an image of the Stamping component and said this is a missing component in the Stamping machine, once this component is set up the production of the Cybrertruck is started.

Tesla Motor continues to build alpha variants of Cybertruck on its pilot line in Fremont Factory. These units are used for different Testing, Tesla cyber trucks pass through many challenges like it is tested in Winter conditions also tested in straight roads to analyze suspension Tuning, Also Tesla completed the setup of a volume production line at Giga Texas.


recently Tesla Cybertruck was spotted in Palo Alto. @sawyerMerritt shared a video on twitter with related images you can view.


an hour later, Tesla’s Chief Designer @woodhaus2 pulling up in the Cybertruck today

you can view the video



yesterday’s Tesla Cybertruck New video spied the two camo-wrapped Cybertrucks , you can also we this video.

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