To charge E3W, FYN Mobility, Altigreen Tie-up with Energy startup Exponent Energy

To charge E3W commercial electric vehicles, FYN Mobility Tie-up with energy Startup Exponent Energy to reduce the time duration of charging, claim 15 minutes to fully charge.

Fyn is re-imagining the Indian logistics and transportation experience with its range of green, affordable, stylish, easy-to-use EV solutions in both personal and commercial spheres. We offer end-to-end micro-mobility, sustainable EV solutions with data-driven analytics, to augment productivity, particularly in last-mile logistics and transportation.

  • Fyn Mobility is India’s first vertically Integrated EV platform to partner with Energy Startup company Exponent Energy, to charge it is Electric Auto(3-wheeler) in just 15 minutes.
  • Exponent Energy has massive experience in the field of Energy vehicles, it also collaborates with Popular 3-wheeler EV maker Altigreen to charge its vehicles neEV Tez in just 15 minutes.
  • Fyn notices that every fleet operators have to wait around 1 hour – 2 hours to charge its wheeler, which wastes a lot of fleets, to minimize idle time, Fyn mobility collaborates with Exponent Energy.
  • Fyn mobility aims to roll out this electric 3Wheeler for cross-utilized making the overall cost of operations more affordable and building new opportunities in the industry.
  • Exponent CEO, Arun Vinayak said, This partnership is about how our rapid charging tech & e^pump network perfectly complement the FYNs platform to drive cross-utilization & redefine last-mile logistics.
  • Also comments that Last month, in partnership with Altigreen, we launched the neEV Tez – the world’s fastest-charging 3W. We now have our e^pump network live across Bangalore and are opening up other vehicle segments, with a core focus on logistics.

Altigreen introduce neEV Tez in partnership it Expoent Energy for INR 3,55,000

Altigreen introduce neEV Tez in partnership it Exponent Energy for INR 3,55,000, company claims that neEV Tez is the fast charging EV, it required only 15 minutes to get a charge from 0-100% at its struggle partner Expnoent E-pump.

Altigreen neEV Tez commercial electric 3-wheeler is a new cargo EV that comes at ₹3,55,000, it uses 8.2Kwh of e-pack, and uses a Regular LFP battery pack. it claimed that it offers 98 km of range (ARAI certified), and in the city, you will get 85km of range.

How many years of warranty does Altigreen offer in its neEV Tez?

5 years/ 1 Lakh

How many years of warranty does Altigreen offer in its neEV Tez battery?

5 years/ 1.5 Lakh km

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