Top 15 electric scooters with removable battery technology

In this guide I share with you the top 15 electric scooters with removable battery technology, this list cover budget electric scooter as well as premium electric scooter, you filter the price as per your requirement.

ModelRangeMotorBattery Battery detachable PriceLearn More
Tvs Creon100+km12kWh triple lithium-ion battery packswapping battery pack₹1.2Lakhvisit
Ampere Zeal EX120km1.8 KW Hub motor60V, 2.3 KWh Advanced Lithium Batteryswapping battery pack₹69,900visit
BGauss C12143kmBLDC hub motor 1500W power3.2 kWh (60V 55AH)
swapping battery pack₹97,999visit
Komaki LY Pro180km3000Watts BLDC HUB Motor62V 32Ah of dual batteries, lithium-ion cellswapping battery pack₹1,37,500visit
Murtas MX2 220KmHub motor mounted on the rear wheel generates 4KW of power5.76Kwh lithium-ionswapping battery pack5353.20 USDvisit
Seat Mo 50172km7.3KW Hub motor5.6 KWH battery packswapping battery packNo revealedvisit
Kinetic Green Zing HSS150km1.2KW hub motordual battery setup 60V 28Ah(swappable battery + fixed battery)₹91,000visit
Kinetic Green FLEX120km2.2 Kw BLDC HUB Motor3.1Kwh of a lithium-ionswapping battery pack₹1,30,000visit
RunR mobility HS Plus140km HUB Motorlithium-ion battery packswapping battery packNo revealvisit
RunR mobility HS 100km HUB Motorlithium-ion battery packswapping battery packNo revealvisit
Hindustan VesPro 125KmHub motor60V 40ah Lithium-ion battery and a lead acid battery packswapping battery pack₹ 69,000visit
Gemopai Ryder Supermax100Km 2.7Kw BLDC Hub motor 1.8Kw lithium-ionswapping battery pack₹79,999 visit
Okaya Faast F2F80Km800W BLDC Hub motor60 V / 36 Ah battery packswapping battery pack₹83,999visit
Ampere Magnus EX100Km1200 – 2100 Watts Hub motor60V, 38.25AH Advanced Lithium Batteryswapping battery pack₹81,900visit
Batt: RE storie132 km 2kw BLDC HUB motor60V and 52Ahswapping battery pack₹89,600visit

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