Tork Motors set to launch ‘made-in-India’ e-bike KRATOS by this month-end

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Tork Motor is set to launch its awaited e-bike T6X, now the company will be renamed as ‘Kratos’ by the end of January, booking of their Electric Scooter ‘Kratos’ will be resume soon. The company also said that electric Scooter KRATOS” will be the first vertically integrated EV in the country. We will discuss some features and specifications that the company announced so, please there.


Tork Kratos T6X India’s first electric performance vehicle and charging infrastructure startup is based out of Pune, India. Build with on 7 Years of exhaustive research and development, also Tork comes from stable thoroughbreds having shared board with ISLE of man TT, TTXGP finishes.


Tork Motor comes from a successful racing background and has 7 years of groundbreaking research and development. Powered by the company’s proprietary Tork LIION battery pack with advanced Axial flux motor to topology for the high peak power of range. and to be launched motorcycle is equipped with fast charging capability and has 4G terminal for data and service support.


Mobile App

In Tork T6x ‘KRATOS’ has a mobile app facility, to track their motorcycle health, performance, charging status more… Let’s come to the mobile feature that has a ‘4.3’ TFT(Thin Film Transistor) Screen along with the app and cloud connectivity for new features and updates.

Cruising Speed

Let’s come to the speed of the KRATOS Motorcycle. It is comfortable at 100kmPh, the only vibrations you feel will be from your phone.

Charging Time

Charging time of Kratos T6x light s up to 80% capacity in a brisk 1 hour.

Utility Storage

the company provides a charging point for mobile and has enough for accessories.


It has 27Nm of instant torque from the moment you move. Quickest at the traffic lights, this the best part of Tork motor.


A 100km for every charge.


TIROS(Intuitive Response Operating System) is intelligence that drives the T6X apart from analysis and compilation of data for every single ride, also track power management, display real-time power consumption and range forecasts, TIROS, also like to learn how to ride.

TIROS also updates and new features automatically via the cloud, making the Tork T6X truly the smartest motorcycle on the road.


Q:Who is the founder of Tork Motor?

Ans:Kapil Shelke is the found and CEO of Tork Motor.

Q:What is the contact number of Tork Motor?

Ans: You can contact through this number 091122 99355

Q:Is Tork an Indian company?

Ans: Tork Motors is a high-performance electric vehicle and charging infrastructure manufacturing startup based out of Pune, India.

Q:Is Tork T6X available in India?

Ans: Tork T6X is expected to launch in India in April 2022.

Q:Is Tork T6X Price in India?

Ans: Tork T6X is expected price is around ₹ 1,20,000 to ₹ 1,30,000. in Indian rupee.

Q:What is Share Price of tork motors?

Ans: According to the Tata Motors’ has share price is ₹507.25 as of 13 Jan ’22.

Q:When will tork t6x model booking start?

Ans: date is not mentioned but it will available for booking around April 2022.

Q: What is the Tork kratos price in india?

Ans: Tork Kratos’ price in India – between 1.8lakh-2 lakh (ex-showroom).

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