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Toyota Mirai Hydrogen-powered electric car – specification, range, features, and Tank capacity

Toyota Mirai Hydrogen-powered electric car – specification, range, features, and Tank capacity, we will discuss all the components of the Toyota Mirai in detail.

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Toyota Mirai is India’s first Hydrogen-powered electric car, Mirai is part of FCEV(Fuel cell electric vehicle) a Pilot project in India, Toyota Mirai will become “India’s first hydrogen car”.

Toyota Mirai Intro

Toyota Mirai is a Hydrogen-powered electric car, that will become the “India future Hydrogen-powered car” said Nitin Gadkari, Mirai is currently being part of the Pilot project to push to cleaner.

Toyota Mirai was launched in India on 16 March 2022 by Transport minister Nitin Gadkari, who said Mirai will become the first hydrogen-electric car in India.

Toyota designed a beautiful design hydrogen-powered Mirai sedan looks like its rolled straight cut of the future.

Fuel-Cell Electric Powertrain

Toyota Mirai is powered by a fuel cell electric powertrain, meaning is that hydrogen is converted into electricity by the onboard fuel cell for a more detailed visit.

Features Of Toyota Mirai

Mirai comes with attractive looks & its aerodynamic design cuts through the air with ease helping to reduce drag at high speed and its efficiency.

  • LED TailLights: Mirai taillight is not an ordinary taillight, it is made up of energy-efficient & durable LEDbulbs, These taillights also help the user to drive easily at night with shining bright light.
  • Alloy Wheel: In Toyota Mirai, the brand provides twin-spoke aluminum alloys wheels with a 19inch Modern cut look.
  • Interior Features:
  • Leather tilt/telescopic steering wheel, Bluetooth hands-free phone, and voice-command controls
  • Heated SofTex -trimmed3 front seats include: The auto-dimming rearview mirror and
  • HomeLink universal transceiver
  • Smart Key System with remote keyless entry
  • Amplify and Multimedia: Toyota provides you an extra advantage of a smart multimedia system that will be available for you 24/7 to immersive audio and Toyota Mirai comes with a touchscreen display & audio multimedia capability, which also help you find your favorite song playlist, also guide you to finding the most scenic route to your destination with smart & latest technology LED display.
  • Mirai’s 12.3-in. touchscreen display is a blank canvas ready to be customized. It’s easy to set up with your favorite apps, and with such a large display—dual screens can be shown simultaneously.

Some support services Like-

  • Apple car play
  • Android auto
  • Sirius XM
  • Alex
  • JBL
  • Bird’s Eye View Camera

Safety Features Of Toyota Mirai 2022

Toyota provides 2.5+ safety sense, these latest features are only provided by Toyota with no additional cost.

These Safety Features are-

Pre-Collision System with
Pedestrian Detection32
Full-Speed Range Dynamic
Radar Cruise Control33
Lane Departure Alert with
Steering Assist34
Automatic High Beams3
Lane Tracing Assist36
Road Sign Assist37

How you can fill Toyota Mirai Hydrogen 2022

According to Toyota, Refueling Mirai is simple. There’s a pump and a nozzle, just like at a gasoline station. As you pump in the hydrogen, it travels to carbon-fiber-reinforced fuel tanks where it’s stored.
After around five minutes,1you’ll be ready to hit the road.

Toyota Mirai Colors

Toyota Mirai Comes in five colors such as

Hydro Blue
Supersonic Red
Heavy Metal
Oxygen White

Specification Of Toyota Mirai 2022

Engine TypeElectric Motors
Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD)Yes
Max Torque335Nm
Power output (V)310.8
Max Power152bhp
Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV)Yes
Range450 Kmph
Ground clearance5.9
Steering wheel (lock-to-lock, turns)2.51
Overall length/width195.8/74.2
Overall height57.9
Curb weight (lb.)4,255

Toyota Mirai 2022 Wheel Types

In Toyota Mirai, You will get three types of alloy wheels of different sizes.

  • 19-in. twin-spoke aluminum alloy wheels
  • 19-in. black machine-finished aluminum-alloy wheels
  • Optional 20-in. Super Chrome-finished aluminum alloy wheels

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