Premier: Triton EV founder says it is planning for an IPO soon in the US as the company is ready for its first car launch in India

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car interior,team-bhp)Triton EV Model H SUV Released in India, triton electric vehicle India, triton electric vehicle India, Brand announced plans to open a factory in India.

Triton Ev is an ingenious design, with unbeatable power, luxury, and seating capacity. The model H is the electric SUV of choice for acute vehicle enthusiastic.


Triton model h is an eight-seater vehicle with sufficient enough space are available and endless possibilities available in model h.


Triton is a US-Based electric vehicle manufacturing company, which recently revealed its plan to open a factory in India, showcase its model H electric SUV in Hyderabad in Telangana. It would become the first car from the carmaker to launch in India. The Brand also said that a combination of technical skills and industry passion has allowed us to develop the best vehicle in a long-range electric system, with word-class functionalities and safety.

Triton is on the mission to make energy storage more reliable, more affordable, and more applicable. The Brand commits to engineering a revolutionary new global energy Structure and we are growing closer with partner nations to accomplish this goal.


Now, Talk about the battery specification, Triton model h has 200kwh batteries. With offer drive, a record-shattering 700-miles range on a single charge.


Triton Model H SUV has Seven colors that the company was mentioned.


We will mention the color available in Triton model h SUV in the table if you have any query related to this go to tritonev. Triton h has eight adult capacity, with 200 cubic feet of cargo, 15,00unbeatable horsepower generate by four-wheel attached with model give the model h extra capability to carry the load and also comfortable for city.


Come to the spec of Suv, has a 130m wheelbase with up to 700miles of range, has a capacity of 15,400lbs and battery capacity is 200kwh, curb weight 5,300lbs.

come to the acceleration of Triton Model his 0-60 in 2.9Seconds that brand has given.


Q: Who is the founder of Triton Model H SUV?

Ans: Mr. Himanshu B Patel is the founder of Triton.

Q: How many batteries does a Triton model h Suv have?

Ans: The Model H is backed by a set of 200kWh (kilowatt-hour) batteries

Q: What is the price Triton h Suv in India?

Ans: price will be around 35 lakhs check it now tritonev.  

Q: What is the top speed of Triton model h Suv top speed?

Ans: The top speed of the Triton model h SUV is 120 kmph.

Q: Is the first electric car from portfolio company in India?

Ans: Trition Model h is the first electric car from the company portfolio in India.

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