TurboAnt X7 Max Launch with less than $600

TurboAnt X7 Max Launch with less than $600, TurboAnt announced to launch of a foldable electric scooter with affordable prices and suites for daily rides, much more features that we will discuss here.

TurboAnt X7 Max Launch with less than $600

TurboAnt is a china electric scooter maker that has launched its new variant, X7 Max, with a 20mph of top speed and also included the swappable battery system that will give people extra benefits.

TurboAnt X7 Max is a budget electric scooter you can purchase for less than $600 with advanced features such as LED headlights, a digital speedometer with cruise control(navigation buttons), high-end build quality, and rubber-like textures format.

Technical specs – X7 Max has a peak speed of 20mph which is quite better compared to its other models, it will deliver 30+ miles of max range that depends upon you how you drive X7 max and what kind of roads will you drive, it’s estimated range that TurboAnt claimed, usually, it gives you 25-30 miles of range.

Talk about the motor specs- MAX X7 comes with 350 Watt of motor that will able to handle 6-7 fit tall people easily without bumpy and it has a 270-pound frame around for a distance of 28 miles.

TurboAnt X7 Max Launch with less than $600

X7 max comes with 20.1-inch footprint space, extra brake grip including hex wrench & hand fighting. the main advantage is that TurboAnt offers a foldable system in its X7 Max that, you can easily carry out anywhere while in the office, school and jogging also.

When talking about its build quality, X7 Max comes with a premium black texture pattern that feels like a rubber grip while riding X7.

The advantage of X7 Max- TurboAnt offers a Swappable battery system which means that you can easily replace your old one with a new battery and also charge it on charging stations by simple detached from the point and attach to the suitable charges this is the main reason that peoples willing to buy it.

TurboAnt X7 Max also comes with different riding modes like eco, medium, and peak- In echo mode with 6miles/hours range, medium mode with 10mph plus range, and peak mode you will cover the 21mph of the range which is the top range of X7 Max.

Talking about the pricing it comes at $599.98, also TurboAnt company offers $100 off if you purchase before 14 September, for more detail you can visit the official portal.

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