Ultraviolette F77 E-Bike New Teaser Out, Launch in March 2022

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Ultraviolette Automotive has released a teaser video of the F77 electric motorcycle today. The bike is scheduled for launch this March.

Ultraviolette F77 Bike
Source from Official Website.

Talking about the brand, According to the official website we know that the startup was founded in 2015, also knowns as for popular automobile company in India, backed by Hauser-based two-wheeler giant, TVS Motors headquarter situated in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Making a wonderful, excellent, elegant design Motorcycle and more…

Intro of Ultraviolette F77

Ultraviolet has newly revealed a teaser video two to show their upcoming first electric Motorcycle F77. The video was not too long it may be 58-57sec approx but the motive is to show the different angles of the electric motorcycles and the teaser video ends with the commitment that “The Future Takes off us”.

From the source, we get the information that the much-awaited and elegant-looking Motorcycle will be launched in March 2022.

Features of Ultaviolette F77

Ultraviolet F77 has three variants Airstrike, shadow, and dashboard based on Ulta HighBrightness Automotive TFT LCD with all required features.

Speaking about the dimension of F77 It has 1340mm of Wheelbase, 800mm of seat adjustable height, and a curb weight of 158kg.

Moreover, the performance of F77 has Maximum power output of 25KW or a Maximum horsepower of 33.5hp at 2250rpm and the peak torque of the motor is 90Nm and Wheel is 450Nm, and a peak speed is 147km/h. This is all information we get from the official website of Ultraviolet.

Battery System And Charging

In Ultaviolette F77 has a 3 * Modular LIION battery pack and has a capacity 4.2kWh with a 10th generation battery management system and charge type 1kW standard vehicle-mounted charger 3kW portable charger and battery connector is a Bi-directional IP67 high-current connector, also has a proprietary patented battery safety system.

The driveTrain of Ultraviolette F77

Credit to Ultraviolette

F77 has a Dual hall effect sensor with zero position microswitch. also has various mode ECO mode, Sport mode, and Insane mode that makes drive effective and coming to the motor controller has high efficiency and power-dense 550A with 3 phase Ac controller, they also include passively air-cooled interior permanent magnet Ac motor.

Mechanism of Ultraviolette F77

Ultraviolette F77 also features a large front 320 mm drilled hole disc with a four-piston radial caliper, a 230mm rear drilled hole disc with a single-piston floating caliper, and a hydraulic disc with a dual-channel Antilock Brake System(ABS).

Rear Suspension-Gas charge preload adjustable shock absorber.

User Interface of Ultraviolette F77

They made applications based on Linux operating system for both ios and Android users. To track their vehicle performance and health status with NFC & Bluetooth 256bit encryption.

There are multiple ways to control pad indicator controls, Headlamp controls, Electronic Horn, and also give a point of USB phone charging interface.

Smart Feature- Sensors, GPS Facility

LTE connectivity with 3G,2G fallback, and integrated eSim.Adaptive dashboard brightness with an ambient light sensor(ALS), also has temperature, Voltage, and current sensor with Active tracking and maps the efficiency across the vehicle. The main feature is the GPS/GLONASS position for real-time velocity and the position display the ride history of every single ride.

Safety features in Ultraviolette F77

There are Various smart safety features you will get in Ultraviolette F77.

Real and front flashers hazard light
Dual-channel ABS
Lock down mode
Sidestand sensor
NFC & Bluetooth 256 bit encryption
Emergency contact alert


  1. What is the top speed of ultraviolet F77 top speed?

    The top speed of F77 is 147 kmph.

  2. Is ultraviolet F77 available in India?

    Ultraviolette F77 is expected to launch in Mar 2022 

  3. How many batteries does an f77 have?

    The Ultraviolette F77 uses a pack of three lithium-ion batteries

  4. Who is the founder of ultraviolette automotive founders?

    Niraj Rajmohan is the founder and CTO – of Ultraviolette Automotive Pvt…

  5. Ultraviolette f77 battery life and warranty?

    f77 battery is designed to last over 100,000 km.
    Ultraviolette uses thermal management technology to help regulate and remove heat from the battery packs, thereby improving the lifecycle of the batteries. 

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