Under-the-radar Chinese laser display maker looks to bring sci-fi scenarios to smart EVs

Meet Appotronics, a tech company from China that’s really good at making laser displays. Even though many people haven’t heard of them, they are a leader in this field worldwide. They started in 2006 and introduced something called “ALPD” tech in 2007. Now, they’re worth around $1.5 billion.

laser display maker looks

Why Appotronics is Exciting: Appotronics wants to make electric cars (the ones that run on batteries) even cooler. They have some cool ideas, like when you walk up to your car, it says hi to you and shows things like the temperature and how far you can go on your car’s battery. They can put displays on almost any surface inside the car.

How Appotronics Started: The person behind Appotronics, Li, is really smart. He went to a top university in China when he was just 16 and studied cars and physics. Now, he’s leading this cool tech company.

laser display maker looks

Why Smart EVs are Important: Electric cars are becoming super popular, especially in China. Appotronics saw this as a big opportunity. In the first 8 months of this year, one-third of all car sales in China were electric cars. Some experts even think that by 2030, almost everyone will be driving electric cars, especially in China.

laser display maker looks

What Appotronics is Doing: Appotronics has already started working with big car companies like BMW. They helped BMW make a car that has special displays inside and outside the car. This car can even show a picture of the driver on the window!

What’s Next for Appotronics: Appotronics is now putting a lot of effort into making electric cars even cooler with their laser displays. They have a bunch of smart people working on this. And they’re talking to other car companies to make more cool stuff.

laser display maker looks

Balancing Work: Appotronics is making sure their other businesses keep running well while they focus on electric cars. They’re spending more money on making car tech better because they believe it’s the future.

laser display maker looks

Cool Things with Laser Tech: With Appotronics’ laser tech, cars can show you information on windows, make the inside of the car feel like a movie theater, and even greet you with messages. It’s like having a big, clear screen in your car!

Making Friends and Working Hard: Even though they’re new to cars, Appotronics is already working with many car companies. They’re also talking to even more companies to make even more cool things for cars. Their goal is to make these fancy car displays more affordable for everyone, but it might take some time.

Big Hopes for the Future: Appotronics is excited about the future of electric cars. They think it’s a huge market with lots of opportunities, and they want to be a big part of it. So, get ready to see more cool stuff in electric cars in the coming years!

What is laser display technology?

Laser display technology is like using super-focused laser beams to create cool light shows at big events. It can make fancy images and patterns on walls, ceilings, or faraway surfaces. Think of it as making amazing laser art with light!

laser display maker looks

What are the advantages of laser display technology?

Laser display technology has some great benefits that make it a good choice for different uses, like entertainment and big events:

  1. Lots of Colors: Laser displays can show a wide range of colors because they can pick different laser light colors.
  2. Efficient and Small: Laser sources are efficient and small, which means they help make display systems smaller.
  3. Lasts a Long Time: Laser sources don’t wear out quickly, so they last a long time. That’s good for people who use them.
  4. Saves Electricity: Laser displays don’t use as much electricity as other types of displays. They’re more energy-efficient.

Can I use a laser projector at home?

Absolutely, you can use a laser projector at home for your entertainment. These projectors are getting more popular for home use because they have some cool benefits compared to the old-style projectors with lamps:

  1. Lasts a Long Time: Laser projectors usually keep working for a really long time, so you don’t have to change the light source as often.
  2. Better Pictures: Laser projectors make brighter and more colorful images with really clear details. It’s like having a super clear and vivid movie at home.
  3. Saves Energy: Laser projectors don’t use as much power as the old ones with lamps. That’s good for the environment and your electricity bill.
  4. Quick Start: Laser projectors start up and turn off faster, so you can enjoy your movie or show without waiting too long.

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