Union Budget 2022, Finance Minister announced Battery Swapping Policy to Push electric vehicles sales in India.

Union Budget 2022, Finance Minister announced Battery Swapping Policy to Push electric vehicles sales in India.

battery Swapping Policy

Battery Swapping Policy announced by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman I budget 2022, the aim of the government to push electric vehicles that will improve ecosystem from pollution and also said people to switch IC vehicles to electric vehicles as soon as possible.


concerned with flagging environmental conditions and heavy reliance on Crude oil imports, the government also set a specific target for EVs, As the Nirmala Sitharamn, Finance minister said in budget 2022, the reason behind this policy is to push people to acquire electric vehicles instead of IC vehicles.

On 1 February 2022, Nirmala Sitharaman Announced the policy of “Battery Swapping policy” will be framed soon. It is the first time that the government has officially described the battery swapping technology that all processes we will discuss in brief.

As electric Vehicles are growing day by day in India, In concern of EVs the government also set up some charging stations in some of the areas but that is not enough for EV users also only use EV inter-city that is why people are not buying electric vehicles in India, the government finds a solution of a problem which “Battery Swapping Technology” discuss in detail.

With this Technology, you can swap your discharge battery with a fully charged battery in a battery-swapping station, this is only for two-three wheeler, this process bit similar for example you see boxes in different restaurants with portable batteries that you can pay for and use and return. This is the complete process of swapping the battery.

Battery Swapping set up

Let us talk about how swapping stations are set up? and how we can take benefit of swapping station- A swapping station is installed at a specific kilometer that will help users to swap batteries easily by this technology users can easily drive for long-distance without being worried about battery discharge.

This technology inspired many companies, Due to this, there are various startups are also started in India such as BatteryPool, Pune-based Indian company is also working on this technology “Battery Swapping” which will launch soon.

To push this policy in India, the private sector will also be encouraged to develop sustainably and innovate a business model for plans that will improve the environment from pollution of IC vehicles.

Government Rules regarding policy

Concerned with swapping policy, the government also set certain rules under which alL EV manufacturer companies should share their technology is around batteries, should be supply lithium and cobalt is also ensured.

The government also set a plan for the automaker companies, the government wants 30percent of sales from private cars by 2030, at least 73 percent from commercial vehicles, 40 percent from buses, and the last 80 percent from two-three-wheeler to be electric vehicles by the end of 2030.

Right now, this technology is not available in India but within some time this is available. In the previous announcement, the government said that- you can use your home and office for charging EVs and the government also give their public places to set up the charging station for EV users.

Electric vehicle sales

According to the official report, total electric vehicle sales in the country is around 9,75,500, and to enhance the electric vehicles Government give subside to EV buyers that will encourage people to buy EVs.

This is all about the Battery Swapping policy, if you have any queries related to this, contact us. and you can also watch videos for reference.


Q: What is Battery swapping?

Ans: With this Technology, you can swap your discharge battery with a fully charged battery in a battery-swapping station.

Q: How must does battery swapping cost?

Ans: This is the investment of 8lakh in battery swapping stations without including battery cost.

Q: How many battery swapping stations are there in India?

Ans: The total battery station available in India is around 3600+.

Q: Which are the battery swapping companies?

Ans: There are some swapping are there like Gogoro, Sunmobility.

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