Unveiling the Enigma: Tesla Semi Parts Catalog Diagrams Showcase Massive Battery, Key Components, and More | Tesla Semi Parts Catalog

Unveiling the Enigma: Tesla Semi Parts Catalog Diagrams Showcase Massive Battery, Key Components, and More

Exploring the Hacker’s Discovery

In a surprising revelation, an ethical hacker known as “green” on Twitter has shared an intriguing collection of Tesla Semi diagrams. These visuals, sourced from Tesla’s online parts catalog, provide an exclusive peek into the intricate inner workings of the revolutionary electric trucks.

Before the Catalog’s Debut

The diagrams’ emergence even before Tesla’s official release of the Semi parts catalog underscores the hacker’s digital prowess. This early insight into Tesla’s technical details adds an air of anticipation to the truck’s forthcoming official documentation.

Unlocking the Secrets: Tesla Semi Battery Pack

Breaking the Silence on the Battery Pack

Since its debut in 2017, Tesla has maintained secrecy surrounding the battery pack’s design and capacity. However, “Diagram 1.1” from the leaked images sheds light on these closely guarded details.

Tesla Semi Parts Catalog

The Battery’s Hidden Abode

The diagrams reveal the massive battery pack’s placement beneath the Tesla Semi’s cabin. Comprising nine square-shaped modules, this layout includes uniquely sized central modules that spark curiosity.

Beyond Convention

Diverging from previous battery designs, Tesla has introduced a novel layout for the Semi’s battery modules. This arrangement prompts speculation about the potential for replaceable modules and enhanced longevity.

Decoding the Mechanics: Braking, Suspension, and HV Systems

Glimpses of Crucial Systems

While the diagrams offer tantalizing views of the braking and suspension systems, the lack of labels leaves room for interpretation. The trucking community eagerly awaits the comprehensive technical details from Tesla’s official parts catalog.

Tesla Semi Parts Catalog

Inside the Future Cab: Tesla Semi Interior and Cabin Diagrams

Unveiling the Interior Elegance

A series of diagrams (numbered 3.1 to 3.5) provides a detailed look at the Tesla Semi’s interior systems. From infotainment features to the driver’s seat and steering wheel setup, these glimpses build anticipation for the immersive driving experience.

Tesla Semi Parts Catalog

Cracking the Code: Tesla VIN Label Insights

The VIN’s Revelations

Alongside the technical diagrams, the discovery of a sample Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) label offers additional revelations. This label exposes crucial information about the Tesla Semi’s weight-bearing capacities, further deepening the understanding of its capabilities.

Weight, Axles, and Trailers

The label’s weight rating of the bobtail Tesla Semi excludes attached trailers. Additional axles engaged when connected to a trailer elevate the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), showcasing the truck’s robust hauling capacity.

Details in Numbers

Tesla Semi Parts Catalog

Beyond weight, the label discloses specifics about wheel and tire dimensions and cold tire pressure ratings. While intriguing, enthusiasts eagerly await official validation through Tesla’s imminent parts catalog release.

Anticipation Builds: A Glimpse of the Tesla Semi’s Impact

Countdown to the Catalog

As the automotive world eagerly awaits the Tesla Semi parts catalog, these leaked diagrams and insights offer an enticing preview of the truck’s groundbreaking features. With sustainable transportation as the driving force, the Tesla Semi’s impending arrival promises to revolutionize the trucking industry.


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