Unveiling the Innovative Cybertruck: Water Sealing, Ventilated Seats, and More!

Unveiling the Innovative Cybertruck: Water Sealing, Ventilated Seats, and More!

The Cybertruck features water sealing, which is a sub-truck or sub bed cover storage system. It provides foldable storage beneath the cargo area, underneath the vault. This innovative storage solution incorporates cool rubberized sealant technology around the charge port door, ensuring effective sealing.

Upon closer inspection of the interior, it appears that there are perforations on the front row seats, suggesting that the Cybertruck will likely have ventilated seats. This feature will be appreciated by California buyers, especially during increasingly hot summers. Additionally, there are detailed shots of the vault controls on the side sails, where the tailgate is likely released. It is speculated that Tesla may continue with the tailgate ramp design, allowing easy access to the vault without the need for third-party accessories, enabling direct storage of bikes or quad runners.

A Cybertruck was spotted en route to Auckland, NZ from Singapore for testing. It has been confirmed that this particular prototype lacks seats and a floor, and it is equipped with a yoke steering wheel.

Footage from Joe Tegmeyer reveals that Cybertruck production has begun at Giga Texas. Although still in the early stages and not yet in full production volume, leaked footage from inside the factory showcases the assembly process of the Cybertrucks in action. The 9000-ton Giga Presses, installed and currently undergoing calibration, are producing Cybertruck underbodies, which is an exciting development. Additionally, shots from New Zealand provide a better angle of the frunk, which is inspired by the F-150 Lightning and offers a low loading angle for convenient cargo placement.

The wrapped prototypes showcase some updated design cues, such as more angular slits on the door cutouts. Inside Giga Texas, there is evidence of what appears to be a side panel for the Cybertruck, further adding to the intrigue.


Interestingly, the updated version of the Cybertruck does not feature traditional door handles. Instead, there are small door buttons located on the side columns. To open the door, the rear window needs to drop significantly. Although this window drop mechanism is consistent with other Tesla models, it requires the window to be rolled down approximately three to four inches before the door can be opened.

Certain aspects are yet to be finalized. Inside the bed, there is a small cap that opens up, although its exact purpose remains unclear from the available footage. It is speculated that this may be the location for higher voltage outlets and an air compressor. However, in the current prototype, it is not apparent where one would tap into the air compressor or access the promised 220-volt outlets. Hopefully, these details will be resolved.

The Cybertruck will be equipped with a massive battery pack, although the specific range has not been revealed at this time.

Thus far, the Cybertruck has two brake lights at the back. However, Elon Musk has mentioned that a third brake light will be added at the center. It is expected that a long light bar will span across the tailgate. Additionally, there will be backup lights beneath the tailgate to improve visibility while reversing. This is especially important considering the sharp steel edges extending slightly beyond the plastic piece along the Cybertruck trim, which demands caution during backing up the vehicle.

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