Volvo Trucks receive records of 110 electric trucks from Maersk

Volvo Trucks receive records of 110 electric trucks from Maersk.

Volvo truck is a world-leading truck manufacturer, it provides total transport solutions in the heavy-duty segment and supports customers in more than 130 countries.

Volvo Truck has won an order for 110 Volvo VNR electric trucks from the global logistics company Maersk.

Volvo Trucks receive records of 110 electric trucks from Maersk
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Volvo Truck has covered the market after it unveiled a records order for 110 Volvo VNR electric trucks from Maersk.

This award is the single largest commercial records order for Volvo electric trucks.

According to Volvo, the order was placed by the performance team, part of Maersk, which means that a total of 126 services electric trucks will be serviced for performance Teams and the first Volvo electric trucks will be in the second half of 2022, all 126 electric truck are scheduled for deployment by early 2023.

“Volvo Trucks is excited to continue collaborating with Maersk on its fleet sustainability goals and to play a key role in the organization’s continued scaled investments in electromobility solutions,” says Peter Voorhoeve, president of Volvo Trucks North America.

Let us talk about the specs of Volvo VNR electric trucks- The Volvo VNR electric trucks have an operational range of up to 440km with 565kWh of energy storage, the company claimed that electric trucks can be 80% chargee in 90min with a 6-battery version and 60min for the 4-battery package.

Roger Alm, President Volvo Trucks, said “We are determined to lead the electric transformation of the transport industry. Volumes are still low, but we see rapidly growing interest in Europe, North America and also other parts of the world. In 2021 we took orders, including letters of intent to buy, for more than 1,100 trucks in over 20 countries. It´s clearly becoming a key competitive advantage to be able to offer electric, zero emission transports,” s

Volvo is planning to sell 50% of electric trucks by 2030.

The Volvo VNR Electric in Volvo Truck “New River Vally plant in Virginia is specially produced of a;l electric trucks in North America”.Volvo Trucks is the market-leading company in the heavy electric trucks segment in 2021 in Europe with a market share of 42% and also has a leading position in North America.

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