VW-backed Gotion sees German battery plant go into production

VW-backed Gotion sees German battery plant go into production

Gotion High-tech’s German battery plant, backed by Volkswagen, has sprung into action, marking a significant milestone in the world of electric vehicles (EVs). This article delves into the key developments at Gotion’s facility, its plans for growth, and the impact on the European EV market.

Gotion’s European Venture: Gotion’s battery plant in Göttingen, Germany, has officially commenced production after being acquired by the Volkswagen-backed Chinese battery giant two years ago. This marks Gotion’s first foray into Europe, with the assembly line producing its first locally-made battery pack on September 16.

Localized Production in Europe: With this achievement, Gotion proudly declares its batteries as “Made in Germany.” The plant’s ultimate goal is to reach a total capacity of 20 GWh, to be completed in four phases. When fully operational, it’s expected to generate an annual output of 2 billion euros.

VW-backed Gotion

Rapid Scaling and European Supply: Gotion’s Göttingen plant is already receiving numerous orders from European customers and is set to supply them from October. By mid-2024, the facility aims to achieve an impressive capacity of 5 GWh. These battery packs will find applications in commercial vehicles, energy storage systems, and passenger cars.

Beyond Manufacturing: In addition to production, the Göttingen plant will serve as a research and development center, a logistics hub, and an after-sales service point for Gotion’s European operations. It reflects a broader vision for EV advancement and support in the region.

Collaboration and Partnerships: Gotion is not just manufacturing in Germany; it’s collaborating with European companies. Agreements have been inked with prominent names such as BASF, ABB, Ebusco, Ficosa, and Ideno for collaboration on battery materials, product development, and the supply of automotive and energy storage products.

VW-backed Gotion

Strengthening China-Europe Ties: The commissioning of this plant deepens cooperation between Lower Saxony in Germany and China’s Anhui province. Both regions are committed to advancing EV technology and addressing environmental concerns.

Boosting Germany’s EV Transition: Germany aims to have at least 15 million all-electric vehicles on its roads by 2030. Gotion’s battery plant plays a pivotal role in accelerating the country’s electrification efforts, even in the face of growing competition from Chinese EV makers.

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