1.6% MoM Electric 2-wheeler registration raise in February month

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In electric two-wheeler ola electric, Ather energy, and Tvs Motor, these companies cover 50% of total ev registration. 

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We saw 65,623 electric two-wheelers sold in February month, with a 2.21% increase in growth rate compared to last month’s 64,203 

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Dynabeast Electric

Electric 2-wheeler registered is raised by 1.6% MoM: In February Month

Ola electric - sold 17,616 unit

ola electric registration dropped to 17,616 units in February, and was down 3.8% MoM(Month-of-Month) 

TVS  motor - sold 12,568  units Tvs motor registration  raised  by 20.3%. 

Ather Energy- 3rd place Ather registration rose by 8% , sold 9,959 unit

Hero Electric Hero electric sold 5,855 units this year 

Okinawa  It sold 3,840  units last month 2023, down by 12.9%

Ampere Ampere up by 33.5%, it sold 5,835  units in January Month 2023

Bajaj sales down by 5.3.74 %, it sold 1,212  units in February 2023 

Okaya Okaya sold 1231  units Feb, this year and down by -4.80 %

Kinetic Green  Kinetic Green sold 815 unit , down by 20.57% in February month

BGauss Auto  BGauss, the Mumbai-based electric scooter brand, it sold only 667 units in Feb Month 2023 and down by 6.58 %

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