120Km range, “Ampere Zeal EX” electric launch at ₹69,900

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Ampere launches its new-gen Ampere Zeal EX electric scooter offers a 120km range with a powerful Hub motor mounted on the rear rim  

Highlights of Ampere Zeal EX

– Ampere Zeal EX has a 120km range on a single charge. – It uses a lithium-ion battery pack located inside the seat storage – It has 1.8Kw of peak power

 Range: 120km Battery: 2.3 KWh   battery pack   


The price of an scooter varies from state to state in Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh it comes at ₹69,900(Ex-Showroom) of price tag  

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Features:  I notice,you get a 2.3Kwh of the lithium-ion battery pack which is 60V. the battery is located under seat. the scooter required only 5 hours to get charged from 0-100%  

IMPORTANT: In the Zeal EX scooter, you get a BLDC Hub motor that generates 1.8Kw of peak power, the motor is mounted on the rear wheel 

Learn More about Ampere Zeal EX  , when it will launch

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