150km range, kinetic launch electric scooter Zing HSS At Rs. 91,000  

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Kinetic Green Zing HSS scooter offers a 150km range on a single charge with a 60km/hr top speed.

Highlights of Kinetic Green Zing HSS

– Zing HSS has a 150km range on a single charge. – offer you 60kmph top speed. – come with new color schemes. – Zing HSS has a dual battery setup. – It has a digital cluster screen.

 Range: 150Km Battery: 60V dual battery pack with swappable battery system & fixed   


In the terms of the price range, this scooter comes at a ₹91,000 price tag, but the performance it offers is amazing, if you plan to buy this you can book it now  

Price of Kinetic Zing HSS

Features:  I notice,central locking system to lock/unlock the scooter through remote keys, with a smart digital display that shows battery levels, part-failure, trip meter 

IMPORTANT: The important things  is scooter has dual battery setup 60V 28Ah (swappable battery + fixed battery) 

Learn More Kinetic Green Zing HSS , when it will launch

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