200km new electric scooter launch  CSC E-RT3

200km new electric scooter launch  CSC E-RT3

Today CSC unveiled its highway-capable electric scooter called CSC E-RT3, this scooter is a tech-laden urban mobility solution that offers impressive performance.


CSC is a California-based motorcycle company that launches its high-powered electric scooter E-RT3. 


this scooter is a combination of gasoline-powered and electric motorcycles with extreme performance. 

this E-RT3 uses an 8W of mid-drive motor. it has 121km/h(75mph) of top speed.


In terms of features, E-RT3 has a full-color TFT display (not offer a touchscreen display ) that can be linked to your mobile via CSC software. 


CSC has started pre-orders for its E-RT3 model with a discount price of $6,995. after that pre-order period 

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